May the Ninth be with You

The sun is out. The weather is warming up. The outdoor world beckons. The enticement of being outside often gets in the way of writing. That's where being close to a river helps out a lot. I'm only a short walk a way from combining writing and being outside. It's a win-win situation.

Welcome to the updates, May edition.

I finally took the time to create my own website. Here, I hope to house links to all of my published works and also short descriptions of other works I've written. I will still be posting the occasional updates within this blog but for the most part updates related to published works, produced plays, etc. will announced via the website. There will also be hopefully a "News" section up and running soon. All depends on when I decide to sit down and do that portion.

Alley Repertory theater, the theater I am resident playwright for, will be having a play reading series this summer. Plays from the Alley focuses on the works of Idaho playwrights or playwrights with a strong connection to Idaho. The deadline to submit an original, full length play is June 1, 2015. For more info, just head on over to the site.

The Blue Gem, the follow up book to The Dragon Princess, is coming along slowly. I have just over 34,000 words written and have finally picked up some momentum with it over the last week. My goal is to have a first draft completed by the end of July.

My third full length play, The Latitude of Life, is in the process of an edit. I have submitted previous versions to a few theater companies/contests, but am currently in the process of doing a first Act re-write before submitting anywhere else. My first two plays, Solace and Poison, are both being submitted across this fine land of ours in hopes of a production.

I am also attempting to finish up a t.v. script in hopes of submitting to writer's program run by ABC/DISNEY. The deadline is near the first of June. I should probably get going on that and spend less time on this blog post.

So for now: Have a happy May and thank you all for your continued support (whether it be financial, inspirational, motivational, or all of the above, I really do appreciate it).

"I dream my painting then I paint my dreams."-Van Gogh


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