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7 Things That... (or What Has the Internet Done for Me Lately?)

The original title of this post: 7 Things You Never Knew That Ross Said to Rachel While Taking A Quiz to Find His True Soulmate in an Attempt to Discover His Super Hero Identity While Counting the Number of States He's Been to on Saturdays in June.

I sat down to write this new post with that singular goal in mind. It would have been the ultimate list to top all lists. Buzzfeed would have been put to shame.

Instead, I have stalled. I have perhaps scrolled through too many quizzes, ridiculous posts on political candidates, lists, and spoilers that my mind no longer functions. (For starters, not all of us have caught up on Game of Thrones. We all don't have streaming services, HBO, or are willing to illegally download season 5. If you are going to reveal what happened, please say SPOILER ALERT. I am only through season 4 and simply can't avoid the internet for the next 8 months to avoid all spoilers. Two words. That's all. SPOILER. ALERT).

Where... was... I... See, I've done it again. I'm still trying to wrap my mind around the fact that Donald Trump is once again running for president. (I've got 99 candidates and a president ain't one.)

Steph Curry is on fire in this fourth quarter. Despite LeBron James epic Finals performance, it's not looking very good for the Cavs. (Has anyone ever live tweeted on a blog before? I guess it's not "tweeted", it would be called "blogged". Wait. That doesn't make sense, either.)

Seriously, the Splash Brothers want this series to end tonight. 14-point lead for the Warriors with 6:32 remaining. (Whatever happened to the Bash Brothers? This night needs a little Canseco/McGwire action.)

I don't know why I keep going to Yahoo. Their headlines are horribly misleading. (Oh yeah. Fantasy sports. They run a good ship over at Yahoo! Fantasy Sports. I need to learn how to bypass the front page.)

Seth Rollins called Johnny Manziel "Johnny Idiot Face" last night on Raw. It was hilarious. (Seriously. I laughed. The last time I did that was when Dean Ambrose delivered the Ice Bucket Challenge to Seth Rollins.)

I went camping for the first time in 15 years this past weekend. I enjoyed it immensely. It felt good not to be reaching for my phone every five minutes checking for messages, notifications, and emails. (Disconnecting from technology can be good for the soul every now and again.)

It's seriously not looking good for the Cavs. (Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha...)

Why are websites constantly embedding videos in the articles. Or foregoing articles altogether and just showing videos. If I wanted that, I'd watch T.V. or search out the videos. (There are people in the is country that still like to read. Am I in the minority?)

Cat videos. Still funny. (See previous sentences.)

It's been over a year since I quit my job to focus on writing in a full time capacity. It is a choice I haven't regretted for a single day. (Do I waste too much time on blog posts? Maybe. This little writing session, though, has help grease the gears of my mind and I'm ready to knock out a few chapters on The Blue Gem after this post is complete.)

I'm done. (The one-year anniversary of the release of The Dragon Princess is fast approaching. Only $2.99 to download for your Kindle or Kindle App.)


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