The Dragon Princess One-Week Sale

"Whether you like fantasy novels or not, this book will grab your attention. An easy read that leads people through a tale of courage and perseverance. A fresh look into a new world filled with evil and a twist at every turn"- Review from Amazon

One year ago, The Dragon Princess, my first novel, was published with Kindle Direct Publishing. Though the book has still not found a home for publication in hardback/paperback form, the book is still available for download for the Kindle and Kindle apps. And yes, there is even an app to download to your home PC.

Even better? Now through July 21 the book is on sale. For the low, low price of $1.99, The Dragon Princess can be all yours. Grab those savings while you can before this sale goes away!

Follow this link and you'll be only a few clicks away from entering a fantasy world in which Elves, Druids, Demons, and Man battle for existence and the stability of a future.


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