I often post here my thoughts and such.

Sometimes, though, I take them elsewhere.

I still may get another blog post out this week, but my creative energy will probably be put to other uses this coming weekend.

Today, it has been drained. Alan Rickman passed away today. Sixty-nine years young. Reflecting on his career (for this is the one way I knew him, through his art), I realized I looked up to him as an artist in more ways than I realized. And his performances always captivated me, whether it was in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves or Dogma

His work as Snape in the Harry Potter films was hauntingly beautiful, bringing a character that was already strong on page to vivid life on the screen.

Rickman will be missed.

As for now, I look for a bit of solitude.

"If only LIFE could be a little more tender and ART a little more robust."- Alan Rickman


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