Enough Now. Enough.

No sports post this week. No pop culture.

The corroding of a falling nation is on the mind.

The vitriol spewed online on a daily basis is spilling over into the day-to-day actions of real life. Opinions are fine. It is disregard for fellow man that leaves common sense at a loss.


The divisiveness of this country is ripping her great skirt at the seams. We are turning into an angry nation, slowly turning into one living every day in fear (for many, more so than they already had by being judged for the color of their skin or their religion).

Baton Rouge. St. Paul.

The progress of so many is being being delayed by the stubbornness of so few. It's sad.

Two black men this week had their lives ripped from them by cops simply because of their race. It's an all too familiar occurrence. And it's wrong.

Orlando. Charleston. Ferguson.

There are people dead because of race, religion and sexual orientation. And it's wrong.

And it's wrong that five police officers had to lose their lives last night in Dallas. Officers that were sworn to protect and serve; officers that were serving at a peaceful Black Lives Matter protest and taking pictures with protesters only hours before.

New York City. Baltimore. Cleveland. San Bernardino.

This country will implode on itself if we don't make changes. It's time to let go of the hate. It's time to amend laws that were written 240 years ago. Laws that were written to help citizens arm themselves to protect their homes from the British, not to walk around the streets with guns on their hips or strapped over their shoulder.

Bad things happen because of it, whether it be death or being wrongfully named a suspect in something you had no part in.

Time to work together on finding solutions to keep us a safe people, a happy people.

And that doesn't start without change.

One Nation. One People.

It's time to stop thinking with a one tract mind.

Because a few black people are dangerous DOES NOT make all black people are dangerous.

If a few Christians are racist and bigots, this DOES NOT make all Christians racist and bigots.

A few cops shooting innocent men DOES NOT make all cops bad.

All Muslims ARE NOT terrorists.

Alton Sterling. Philando Castile. Freddie Gray. Eric Garner. Michael Brown. Brent Thompson. Michael Krol. Three Dallas police officers still not publicly named. 49 souls in Orlando. 36 casualties (14 dead) in San Bernardino. Nine deceased in Charleston. The list goes on and on.

This doesn't even take into account the attacks outside of America. Istanbul. Baghad. Paris.

Humanity is still here, but the voices are beginning to fade.

Grow strong. Be smart. Stay safe.


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