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Remember September

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Autumn was officially welcomed in the other day with rain and a chill in the air, making September the beginning of my favorite time of year.

This time of year--stretching from late September to late December--has always been a favorite of mine. Between football, the baseball playoffs, the start of basketball and eventually the Christmas season, I have always enjoyed the changing of the guard from hot and sweaty to cool and collected.

From rainy mornings to sweaters and scarves. And from hot tea to the first snow fall, I often feel most at peace in these months.

It's also a time when I feel rejuvenated. Normally, for a lot of people, that feeling comes along with the emergence of spring. Not for me.

Which means it's time for an update. (Been awhile, considering my last few posts here have been related to the sports world.)

In regards to the writing world, much of my time as been devoted to the sports world. My workload--or at least attempted workload--has picked up over at Bronco Nation News. Writing for the Boise State Broncos has turned into quite the passion. And one I quite enjoy. I am lucky to have an outlet for my writing and even luckier to work with a great group of people.

The same can be said for my contributions to Chowder and Champions. The Red Sox are moving closer to a postseason berth, in turn giving me more to write about.

To be honest, not much has moved the needle in regards to other stuff I've written. I continue to work on plays, screenplays, and novels (among other stuff), but as many people know, that can sometimes be a slow process. The waiting game is a difficult one to master, but I like to think I've gotten better at it over the years.

The Dragon Princess is now available for 99 cents. I figured after over two years of release, it was time to lower the price once again. Taking advantage of that price now is worth it, unless you want to buy it on actual hard copy form when that day inevitably arrives. If the mood strikes, the book is available for purchase here.

Outside of writing, I am currently working as the dramaturge and assistant director for Alley Repertory Theater's production of The Totalitarians. I have really found a love of Dramaturgy work since I worked on The Rocky Horror Show three years ago. I love doing research that (hopefully) contributes to the world of the play. (And I like research in general.) The play opens in October at the Visual Arts Collective in Garden City, Idaho.

The VAC, as it's known, is also currently part of suit recently filed by the ACLU of Idaho (and Co-counsel). Due to an antiquated law in the state of Idaho, artistic expression is limited in venues where alcohol is served. The VAC, a 21 and over venue, was ticketed for an offense stemming from a show in March of 2016. To be clear, the venue is as its name states. The VAC houses musicians, concerts, theater, comedians, and is an art gallery--among others--providing home to many visual artists across the Treasure Valley. The venue, to re-iterate, is a 21 and over venue. Alcohol sales are an integral part to keeping this place open, allowing artists to have venue to perform their art. This law forces artists to censor their acts, plays, etc., in turn essentially limiting their freedom of speech.

The case was filed on behalf of the Visual Arts Collective, Alley Repertory Theater and Frankly Burlesque in Idaho against government censorship of artistic expression. I could go more into it, but it is explained much more succinctly here.

That is what I've been up to. I am looking forward to a fun-filled autumn. Opportunities for play submissions are plentiful, agents are still being contacted and pages--albeit slowly--are being written. And the Red Sox won their tenth straight, bringing them one step closer to the playoffs.

Welcome back, autumn. I've missed you.


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