United We Stand

photo courtesy of pixabay.com

To the strong, independent women I know (and I don't know). To the people of different races, different cultures. To LGBT friends and acquaintances (and strangers). 

The health of our future, the stabilizing of our climate, the safety of mankind. Compassion, inclusion, and creating a country proud to call home.

All of it.

I'm with you.

The voices will not remain silent.  Progress will not be swept aside and will not be erased. So many years and so many fights will not be forgotten. All that has been accomplished--in the past eight years and beyond--will not be stripped away.

Not without a fight.

Standing tall in the face of adversity, despite the ache in the gut that has been felt by many over the past four days, is what makes us stronger. We may fall nine times, but know for certain we'll get up the tenth.

Protest. Donate. Speak up. Listen. Lift up your hearts to those that experience the social injustice on a daily basis. So many people have worked so hard to march this nation forward, to protect our freedoms granted to us by the founders of this nation, to see it all go to waste in the coming years.

I promise to do the same.

Equality. Inclusion. Compassion. 

Is that too much too ask for in today's world?

Apparently, for half of the country, it is. Or at least they voted for a man who struggled with all of those things. Were the last eight years perfect? No. There were bumps in the road, but progress was made in turn raising the standards of this country. And those eight years were better than the first four days of the new era. (And it's not even officially the start of the term yet).

Wake up each morning, ready to change the world before we let one man change the world for all of us.

Compassion. Make HUMANS great again.


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