The Ends and the Means

Point your ear to the sky. Choose one, left or right, it doesn't matter. Tilt your head skyward and listen carefully.

Hear that? The far away whispers bouncing between canyons and mountain peaks. That's the universe. She's reaching out, extending an invitation to converse, to engage, to be present in the moment. What is she saying? What is she telling you?

She is telling you to change. She is telling you to move forward, to keep marching on with your head held high and boots firmly entrenched. She is telling you to love and to let love in. She is telling you to fight. She is telling you to give up.

The murmurs are received from all angles. They are soaked in whiskey soaked brains, virginal hearts, and shattered souls. The thoughts and the universe meld, tugging, tearing, and tormenting.

The universe leads the way, the universe blocks your path. Is the design for you or are you the design? Hollow steps echoing in the hearts chamber.

Are you listening? Are you ignoring? Trails of clouds spell out the word 'no' as you continue to hope for the eternal 'yes'. Enough work, enough attitude, enough perseverance, and enough struggle will build on the shaky foundation. Does your desire tell you what you want to hear or what the universe is blatantly creating before you?

Point your eyes to the sky. Open up your heart. Boldness joins together with the light. The universe taunts with cruelty, sending loneliness via the route of rejection disguised as love, happiness, and the rest. A jagged path leads the way into harmonious living.

Once more. Get up, fall down, do it all again. Ears up, eyes up, hearts up.

High above, the beginning awaits. The universe smiles, a golden sunset deceived by only your lying eyes and a heart bursting with...hope.


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