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A Mockery of All That's Been Built

The early days of sending the United States of America back in time have begun. The wheels have been in motion since early November and are slowly starting to come to fruition. It all begins with this:

American never lost it's greatness to begin with. As a country, we were actually making progress. We were on our way to becoming a country of compassion, inclusion, productivity, and, as previously stated, progress. The steps you and Congress are taking are putting a big dent in that progress. The divisiveness so many of you solely blame on our current president is, in fact, a blame that partially lies on your shoulders. Instead of spending the last four to eight years stamping out proposed laws, programs, and such with an emphatic 'no', perhaps you could have done more to weigh the options, to have compassion, to not be stuck in the ways of historical southern conservatives. You'd probably find that if you were more open--and less cold hearted--you'd understand that the progress that was being built would not hurt you in anyway. Especially when it comes to diversity in this land.

I understand not all conservatives are like this. Many of you didn't want this "man" as president, either. I know people--friends and family alike--that despite their love of DJT and his agenda, still have caring hearts, still have compassion. I just can't find the reasons you'd vote for or support this man when you have that love in your heart. He's orchestrating the biggest reality show of all time and making Americans the stars of his folly.

Maybe that's what so many actually want: to be part of their own reality show.

Speaking of which, "Mister" President-elect, Inauguration Day is not a show. It's a chance for you to deliver a speech that speaks to entire nation, not just the 46.1% that voted for you. It's not supposed to be a spectacle to behold. Of course, that's how we as a nation go this point. Appreciating spectacle over substance.

Here's some more spectacle for you:

To be clear, Mexico did not ask for a loan. They didn't cozy up to DJT and Congress and say, "Hey, how about you front the money for your precious wall, then we'll pay you back."

The Great Wall (not to be confused with the one in China. Apparently coming up with new names is not something DJT is good at) is also not a movie that America is producing. Congress is not the executive producer, fronting the money in hopes of the completed wall making its money back at the box office. There is no box office. This is not a game. Mexico would have no obligation to pay back money for a wall in OUR country. Unless, of course, it's all being planned to set in motion a series of events to make a land grab (read: War) for Mexico.

Is this really the America you desire?

Bigots, racists, misogynists, and inexperience are now in some of the most powerful positions in this country. One man's promise to "drain the swamp" has instead turned into filling the swamp with more of the same.

Only six days into the new year and the pieces have started to fall. One of their first calls to action? The defunding of Planned Parenthood, eliminating, in turn, women's rights to access much more than just abortions. I'm guessing, in the eyes of the conservative male, Planned Parenthood's sole role is for the purpose of abortions (a medical procedure that is legal). The conservatives, as a narrative seen in many instances, are blind, narrow-minded, and can't grasp any other visions than their own. It is not clear to them, by defunding Planned Parenthood, they will be taking away services like breast cancer screenings, health check-ups, std testing, reproductive health exams and so much more. The most likely response: "Stop having sex. Oh, and get health insurance."

Of course, Congress is looking to take that away as well. The Affordable Care Act will be repealed, if the conservatives have their way. Was it a perfect national health care act? No. But for hundreds of thousands of people, it worked. And the hiccups were being worked out over the years. Slowly, yes, and it might have helped speed things up if all states had agreed to implement it.

There is a mentality in today's society that everything needs to work perfectly on the first try. A thing of this depth--like the Affordable Care Act--takes time to iron out the kinks. Instead of offering ways to help or find solutions to fix things, conservatives in power the last eight years simply said, "we don't like." (Much like their current president-elect. "I don't like it, but I don't have a way to fix it.")

More likely than not, the repealing of this act will make is so many businesses (and larger corporations) won't be required to offer health insurance. Of course, that didn't stop them when the act was passed from just limiting workers hours just to avoid offering health insurance.

Others with pre-existing conditions will go back to not being covered by insurance. Freelancers, which so much of the job force has become in this day and age, will pay out more for insurance or will not have opportunities to even get health insurance. 

The list goes on and on. There are conservatives that complain of welfare, yet we'll probably see this number swell when people are paying out of pocket for medical expenses. Or we'll simply see a nation slowly become sick, suffer more deaths, and see the homeless population swell. Is it a stretch to say this? Maybe, slightly, but it is certainly a road America is heading down if certain people can't begin to at least see a different viewpoint besides their won. Stop, for a moment, to think of others. Not saying go against your beliefs and destroy your morality. You can be moral and empathetic at the same time. Think of others and what they go through. Think of the war-torn refugees who seek a better life. Isn't that what you want in life? To always do better and provide the best you can for your family? I know it's what I want for mine.

America never lost it's greatness to begin with. In fact, the early decisions by the new regime are doing the exact opposite. Here's how: by leaving so many without health exam options. By leaving so many without insurance. By singling out one religious group for hate. By dividing our country into race and gender. By making our U.S. embassies less secure. By making our allies upset. By blocking eight years of Obama (who did a fine job, despite it all). By tweeting every banal thing that crosses your mind. By doing all of these things--plus many more--the people in power might very well be herding off the so called weak into a death march without even laying a hand on them physically. And that's not making America Great Again. It's giving it all the nudges necessary to push it off the cliff.


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