Dream Walk

photo courtesy of flickr.com

On occasion, I have found the initiative to enter flash fiction and short fiction contests. It was a driving force behind writing the 101-word Tan Daddy a few years back. And it was the reason, last December, I took it upon myself to try my hand at another 101-word contest.

These have turned into nice little exercises, a way to free write for a few minutes and see what ideas form. I still prefer to write in much longer styles, whether it be full-length plays, feature length screenplays or novels. These pieces of flash fiction, much like ten-minute plays or short film scripts, are a nice way to mix things up as I continue on this journey of writing. 

And now, Dream Walk:

He walks, barefoot and full of vigor. The dry grass below his feet irritates but does not pain. In the background, a building is ablaze. Ashes rise, darkening the sky. The woman is now in sight, also steadfast in her approach, stoic and eager.

Their hands clasp and their bodies press together. Wispy strands of her chestnut hair brush gently against the man's face. "It's finally tomorrow," he says.

"It's too late. Tomorrow I will be with him," she replies.

"What about now?"

"Now is tomorrow with little change."

Our hands release, the ash falls and, turns out, dreams never meld.


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