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Fighting Back in these far from Normal Times

There is nothing normal about this presidency. And there most likely never will be.

Perhaps a nation needs to hit rock bottom before building itself up again. And maybe that time is now. Of course, it's already been quite a fall in the three days since the previous administration brought us to fairly great heights.

Or at least heights to a great level.

See, contrary to the nationalistic tone of words delivered last Friday, the 45th president of the United States is not here for the people. He's here for some people, it can be supposed, but he's certainly not here for the people of the United States. More than three million people nationwide marched to prove that, a fraction of the people who believe the egomaniac now in charge is halting progress of this great nation.

Already, money for first-time homeowners has been taken away. Health rights and a universal healthcare program are next. Federal lands--and in turn the environment--soon might very well be free reign for states to destroy (along with plenty of jobs). And the press and media are in the early stages of being discredited, enough where followers of the 45th will blindly follow without looking at facts.

All part of a party's plan to deliver 'alternative facts'. Or, as called by most, 'lies' and 'opinions'. The administration, if words lead to action, is already mentioned tossing the press corps from the White House. This leads to a state run media, which the home of alternative facts (or half-truths) over at a major conservative website has already planted the seeds. 

Freedom of speech. Freedom of religion. Freedom of press. Right to assemble.

Four things our founding fathers deemed important enough to prioritize in creating the laws which govern our land. Four things, that if we, as a nation, aren't careful, will be blindly ripped from us.

Unless, of course, you are part of the minority that believe this man will make America great again. And yes, you are the minority. True, the system in place worked correctly. But all the words and memes and whatever else created is not enough to still say you are in the minority.

Religion was never being threatened, neither were any of the other three in the past eight years. Many may of feared that because those of different sexual orientations than yourself were given rights, rightfully and equally. Rights they deserved, but were judged morally wrong by many. It is okay to have those beliefs, based on religious grounds, but to deny them basic business services based on that alone is wrong. Your soul will not be affected by them ordering a birthday or wedding cake. In fact, it will help put money in your account to help feed and shelter you, your spouse and your family. And I would defend the same outrage if someone denied selling you a service based on your own religious beliefs.

The voices are loud on both sides. Is there hypocrisy all around? Yes, there is, and it's risen to the forefront over the past month. For eight years, many of the conservatives bitched, moaned, called our former president racist names, questioned his birth, claimed martial and sharia law would be inevitable during our former president's reign, and did everything in their power to discredit a man that, in the end, was a pretty damn fine president.

There was eight years of blocking laws, of blocking supreme court justice nominations, of halting progress simply because conservatives felt like it. Or because they didn't like the president. Or simply because they did it to vote along party lines instead of voting what was in their heart.

Of course, here they stand now asking millions upon millions to "give the new guy a chance" or "please fast track it, America needs it".

Well, America needed exactly that during these last years.

And now, after eight years of hearing those refrains from many a conservative, the other side is giving it back ten fold. Except in this case, there are solid, legitimate reasons as to why so many are rising up, so many are resisting, to acknowledge this man as their president. He is the president of these great United States of America. Yes he is. Instead of trying to unite the people, though, he delivers an inauguration speech that speaks of carnage, that speaks of a bleak state we're living in. (And he only referred to himself three times. Guess what? So did Obama in his first inauguration speech. Also, don't try to compare it Obama's farewell address. Two completely different speeches. One was 16 minutes, one was over 50. By the way, Obama also dropped the words 'we' and 'our' nearly 200 times. So take it easy on the petty memes).

Shady business dealings. Lawsuits. Misogyny. Mocking of the handicapped. (And that's not even specifically pointed at his mocking of the disabled reporter, which many conservatives so vehemently defend. It's the constant motion he uses indicating one is handicapped, one that I admittedly used in my youth in the 1980's. As a child, not knowing any better. A 70-year old man, especially one who is now president, should know better. Perhaps if ol' 45 would have apologized, just as Obama did with an ill-timed Special Olympics joke, it might have gone away. It did not.) 

There is nary a thing about this man that screams presidential. Even with previous candidates or presidents of the conservative persuasion, there was at least an iota of humility, of grace. 

To be frank, it is no longer the man that scares me. His infinite power of a pen stroke, of preying upon misguided fears and riling up a crowd with lies are still present, but it is the people he has surrounded himself with that are helping drive the fear. Connections to Russia. A lack of experience. Tearing down the education system. Failing to acknowledge science and possibly taking away funding for the arts.

The power to change it, to force at least a compromise and for voices to be heard is still within the power of the people. The steps into the dark abyss have begun, but in two years the nation can be pulled out again by voting for sweeping changes in Congress.

Until then, continue to fight. Don't disband, but continue to organize. Above all, keep loving, keep being kind, stay vigilant and do it all with peace. Eventually, the deaf ears will have to open because it's tough to silent the majority forever.


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