90's Poetry at its...Finest?

Going through some boxes today, I stumbled upon my "poetry" book. This book, a star-spangled American flag cover of my poetry, revealed the early writings of an attempt at writing poetry. The word poetry can be used very loosely here, as most it was written in my late teens. (Apart from one written about my grandpa, most likely from my freshman or sophomore year of high school.)

Over the years,I have dabbled in the form of poetry, some of which can been seen on this blog. In reality, much of this book is collection of post break-up thoughts and feelings. Though that's not what you'll be reading today.

The following are just a taste. So, in lieu of my normal weekly post, I present: Late 90's poetry from a scrambled mind.


The sun set upon the mountain
ready to be gone.
The bird drank upon the fountain
singing only for fun.
The man lay there on his bed
dying time was near.
Thinking of the great life he had led
showing little fear.
Then the large sky grew dark
and the birds sang no more.
Although the curtains were not yet shut
his life was finally done.

The smell of the sweet air
The dew of the wet grass
Grandpa throws the ball
I hit it very far
and run around the bases
I score another run
Grandpa is tired
so we decide to quit
Those were the fun times
and now I'll always know
Grandpas aren't forever

The light in the sky is gone from sight
the ground begins to shake.
Fire starts this endless night
savage beasts begin to wake.
Weaker life is ready to die
not much time remains.
The Creator sits silently by
while the enemy creates the pain
The final flight has just begun
Good and Evil draw near.
Preparation is completely done
the end is already here.

Alone in this world
Looking for answers
Only to be turned away by wraiths
Never to be heard from again
Even the meek sometimes are lost

Indescribable feelings bundle up inside
Notches in the stomach, they do hurt

Time strikes eternally
Hanging boundlessly overhead
Into the dark abyss of a forgettable world
Something greater strikes fear into this heart

Wondering if glory will ever dance with me
Or opting to tango with greater souls
Ricocheting in horrific wonder, bouncing into space
Loveless skies embedded deep into the mind
Does the fruitfulness of this pain ever stop?