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A May Newsletter: Volume 1, Issue 1

A newsletter? How very retro of you.

Back in the day, I used to provide monthly updates on this very blog. It was a nice way to keep people updated on the life and times of this lonely writer living on the outskirts of the Pacific Northwest.

Since I went out and created my own website, the monthly updates--for the most part--are now housed over there. (Sans the Christmas letter, which will be on this site for the foreseeable future). The updates seen over there are similar to what you used to read here: updates on my writing, film work, theater excursions, and the rest.

The newsletter--as this will be called--will serve as a brief glimpse into what I'm currently listening to, watching, reading, etc. One might already be able to glean some of that as part of my weekly posts. And the newsletter might not even occur on a monthly basis. (At least I'm upfront about it). It partially serves as a reason to write something when other areas of my brain are blocked. (I was able to crank out a few pages of The Blue Gem today so I consider that a win.)

Currently Reading: Recently finished up Purity by Jonathan Franzen. Enjoyed this one, though not as much as his novel The Corrections. Since these aren't intended to be reviews, I won't go too much in depth. Franzen's stories are well-spun, with rich characters interwoven with dysfunctional families and current day events. Next up, I'll be starting City of Miracles by Robert Jackson Bennett. (Over the past three years I believe I've made it through his entire anthology. Urban Fantasy is the genre for those interested.)

Podcast: I arrived at the party kind of late for listening to podcasts on a regular basis. I recently noted three podcasts you might be missing out on. In addition to these, there are two more I look forward to listening when new episodes arrive. Lovett or Leave It is hosted by Jon Lovett, former speechwriter for President Obama. Politics are the main course served on this podcast, usually fellow comedians, actors, writers, or pundits joining him. (Lovett also serves as co-host of Pod Save America, a podcast I have yet to listen to.)

Posting at less regular intervals is Literary Disco hosted by Julia Pistell, Tod Goldberg, and Rider Strong. The trio get together to discuss a book they've recently read--and more.

Currently Listenting To: The Hamilton soundtrack, okay? I'm still listening to these songs--sometimes daily--and am not tired of it yet. Do I have a problem? Probably, but I suppose it's a good problem to have. I could be addicted to drugs (do you have any?) or four shots of whiskey deep right now (I'm out). 

On the early cusp of hitting a "new music is all crap these days" stage, I've been listening to a lot of stuff from the 90's lately. I haven't completely given up on new music, but I'm close. I'm usually about six months behind in hearing something new that I like. By then, most of the kids have moved on. We'll just stop there.

Currently Watching: In yet another category of not letting go of the past, I've yet to add streaming services to my life. I am behind on so much, even with cable television, that I don't even know where to begin. That's why I watch re-runs of ER.

I am able to catch up on streaming only shows when I'm house sitting. I have made it through the first six episodes of 13 Reasons Why. And, uh, yeah. It's good. And I don't know what's worse: binging on this show or--the way I'm doing it--spreading them out. The show is a lot to take on--either way--and as I watch it, is very similar to a screenplay I wrote years ago. At this point, I either scrap the screenplay or get in touch with the writers so they have material for season two.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, I did watch on IFC the first seven episodes of Brockmire today. Good, classic dark comedy about a baseball announcer. Really got the happy spirits going today.

There it is. A brief glimpse. Now, to go finally figure out the ending on the rewrite of my full length play The Latitude of Life. It's been stewing around in my brain constantly for the last week with no results. At least I have this newsletter...


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