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Glimpsing the subconscious


Dreams--waking or the deep sleep variety--can be frustrating, exciting, and can often provide the slightest of windows into a person's soul.

Dreams cemented in reality can range from the simple, like owning your first car or your first house, to something more personal, like settling down with a partner or achieving your goals in a chosen profession.

Exploring the subconscious of dreams that have occurred during the sleeping hours can leave a lasting impression on a person. These are dreams based off memories, based off needs, and based on desires. Other dreams are simply plastered with outrageous moments.

In seeking out these dreams, I've often wondered: Can dreams predict the future?

Sometimes, these glimpses stay with you, lingering in your mind for days on end. Are these moments recalled with exact precision? Are they expounded upon with what's related to a person's personal life at the moment?

Lately, weeks of dreams have piled up on one another; dreams that are sticking with me in vivid detail.

The ones of the past seem to revolve around high school sports. Baseball and basketball games that were not played in but experienced and tantalizingly real.  The teammates are real, the situations semi-coherent, and the gyms normally never the gym where home games were played in real life (though some take place at the rival over the hill's gym).

My real memories of high school basketball no doubt help maintain the memory of the dream and add to the detailed actions.

Other dreams involve more recent adventures in life.  A visit with my sister, brother-in-law, and nieces and nephew. There is a nerf war, mixed with water guns, with two differences. We are at the home I grew up in; me stationed in my old room and them on the other side of the house. And also, the safety of the world is at stake. In the dream, this is not a made up end goal of the game. It is real, as I prepare by placing a sword and baseball in a strategic position to aid me against an unseen enemy.

There have been dreams of the future rooted in the past. A dream of deciding between two women; one blonde, one brunette. The catch? The dream takes place in the medieval times (and I'm not speaking of the restaurant). 

Over time, I've accrued quite the backlog of dreams.

Dreams of actions involving car trouble. And then weeks later experiencing a flat tire or something greater.

Dreams of friends long past now alive in the present day guiding me through a dream.

The subconscious displays a collection of life, helping to lay forth a path of choices, missed opportunities, and a connection to the past. 

Or is my brain riddled with these questions because of a recent dive into the subject of lucidity? I've always taken an interest in it, and is a prevalent thing in my next fantasy novel The Blue Gem.

Does everyone dream in this manner? Are there dreams that have stayed with you an extended period of time? Have you ever had a lucid dream? For once, someone would like to know. Feel free to leave comments below if you'd like to share. 


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