Giving thanks on turkey day

Thankful for so much in 2017, I'd like to take a moment and share this picture of cooked...goose.

This was for my birthday circa 2010. I might be off by a year, one way or the other, but I thought it would be the ideal photo for Thanksgiving. Goose, turkey, whatever. They're all the same, right?

The goose was cooked by my good friend Danny, who as legend has it, simply decided to cook a goose for my birthday so he could announce to the room, "Your goose is cooked."

Delightful, I know.

Sidetracked by a picture of a goose aside, today has been one filled with football, writing, phone calls to loved ones, and a few episodes of Stranger Things 2. It's been packed with excitement and dog sitting. And I haven't even reached the turkey stage of the day this year.

There was no goose this year but my birthday was a few days ago. It was a pretty standard Tuesday in my life, one in which I worked, wrote and was able to catch the latest episode of Smackdown.  Celebrations were kept to a minimum but I am thankful for all the lovely messages and calls I received for my birthday. (And the gift of a package of salami and pepper jack cheese.)

To sum it up: Thank you.

Thank you to everyone in my life who has helped me grow, kept me humble, shown me love, supported me in my career, and were there for me. All have been integral in my life, in one respect or another.

I'm thankful for a freedom to be able to write this and a freedom to strive to be better as a human. My wish is for humanity to continue to find ways to love other humans, to show regard for sex, creed, handicap, race, and religion; to find empathy and, above all, to find tolerance. 

Be grateful. Be kind. Be bold.

Happy Thanksgiving!