Tick Tock


It's been some time since I shared some poetry. Normally not a style I write in, at least not since my early 20s. Sporadically, the words for a poem enter the mind and this was one of those times. 

Tick tock

Tears fall heavy

Tears fall fast

Music weaves through the ears

setting the brain afire via kerosene-soaked memories

Lost time, incorrect twice a day



Rolling into a heap of last words, final thoughts amid an ordinary email

Importance, though nothing was said.

Impact, yet there was no bracing for it.

Tick, tock; fresh, day and night

Night and day

Seconds played over an eternity

An eternity wrapped in a single phone call.

Fumbled words trail off

Crush. Crash.

Deflation at 30,000 feet.

A mess, never fully cleaned

simply tidied up


brushed away to another compartment

Stored until the chord strikes on cue

Bringing forth a storm, swallowed by time.

The dam will again break

And then...

the tears will fall heavy

the tears will fall fast.

Tick. Tock

photo credit: Jason Haskins