The Dog Days of Summer

Chances are, I've already titled a previous blog post this very same title. I did not bother to look. Too many blog posts, too many years, not enough time...

I figured I'd drop a quick update here on my blog rather than my website. That's right, I have a website. Technically two websites, if you count this one. Does that mean I've made it to the big time? Nope. I'm just a man with a goal. (Not all updates may be covered in this forum. Please refer to website for previous updates.)

The summer has been a productive one, though personal successes have seen little progress (at least monetarily. Though I don't necessarily write with the goal of making a butt load of money, I do aim to make money from writing because it's my career.)

A new ten-minute play, The E-6 Debacle, was given a reading at HomeGrown Theatre this summer. It was part of a ten-minute play festival that included five other ten-minute plays. I have submitted this play to a few other places since the reading in hopes of publication or production somewhere.

The Latitude of Life, my third full-length play, received a reading at Alley Repertory's summer reading series. The process of submitting this play will begin as soon as I give it another edit. It won't be the last edit but hopefully one in which the story and the life of the play will become tighter.

My original plan of completing a draft of The Blue Gem has not come to fruition. There's really no excuse as to why that hasn't happened. Life, I suppose, gets in the way of plans. I have now set a goal of completing it by the end of the year.

As always, The Dragon Princess is still available for download at the Amazon Kindle Store. My seemingly endless pursuit of an agent and/or publisher has produced only a few nibbles. Looking for that big catch...

The same can be said for many of my plays, screenplays, short stories, etc...

If you're looking for a one-act play to produce, you can read about mine over at Heartland Plays.

I continue to write. And write. And write. Probably to the point in which I have forgotten what a social life looks life. Though I did make it to California for a few days. This allowed me to see my sister and her family, who I hadn't seen in six years.


"There is a bridge that links what I do with what I would like to do... Slowly his dreams take over his everyday life, and then he realizes that he is ready for the thing he always wanted...Then all that is needed is a little daring, and his two lives became one." Excerpt from Warrior of the Light by Paulo Coelho