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Welcome to 37

Saturday. Unseasonably warm for the middle of the November. One week away from my 37th birthday. I should be out, doing something productive. Nope. Wrong answer.

Instead, I am furiously looking over clues to help me find a missing 'M' which could lead to $5000. I could be out physically searching, like many others, but am instead waiting for them to comb over an area while I think outside the box. Ultimately, the money will be found in that area and I will kick myself for not making the effort to go drive around and waste a Saturday afternoon.

I suppose I'm wasting a Saturday afternoon even by sitting here. Figured I'd get the mind going and at least throw a quick update onto ye olde blog.

Freelance Writing

This aspect of my writing career has picked up in recent months. I have been lucky enough to have been published on various websites, including here, here, and here.

These are in addition to my continued contributions to Bronco Nation News and Chowder & Champions.

The Blue Gem

The follow up to The Dragon Princess is taking a bit longer than anticipated. Partly because I've run into a bit of a writer's block on it and partly because of my recent focus on the aforementioned freelancing opportunities. Believe me when I say it is on my list of goals to still complete this by the end of the year. It's sitting at just over 50,000 words so that maybe ambitious but it's worth a shot. Anything to keep me writing.

That's really about it, on the writing front, for updates. I did have a reading for my screenplay The True Life this morning. After 15 drafts and 16 years, this was my first reading. Other people have read it but this is the first time I heard it out loud. And it was awesome to be able to hear it. Thanks to everyone involved. The notes/thoughts provided will definitely help me going forward.

Other updates and news of recent events are available on my website.

A Birthday List

Figured I'd put this out here. A man only turns 37 once. I think.

1. Whiskey. A man can never have enough whiskey. Or whisky. Or both.

2. Novelty License Plate. I want it to read "Adequate". Pick any state you want. It doesn't have to be Idaho. I will hang it above my bed.

3. Gift cards to Chili's. Nothing says awesome like using a gift card at a chain restaurant and saying, "Yes, dinner for one."

4. Money. I know it won't buy happiness but it would still buy some cool things. Or get me out of debt.

On a serious note, Peace would be a nice gift. I know it won't happen within a week but I sincerely hope that as a society we can move forward with respecting humanity. Not only at home but abroad as well. We were once of compassionate world and with the outpouring of sympathy to the events of Paris, I have no doubt we can be once again.

Pray for Paris.

"You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty."-Gandhi


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