New fantasy novel release: The Blue Gem

It took nearly four years, but the completion of The Blue Gem, follow-up to 2014's The Dragon Princess, has finally arrived. 

Granted, this is not the over twenty years it took me to complete the first novel. That one took form before I even hit my teens so it can be somewhat excusable the novel took so long to complete.

The Blue Gem, on the other hand, was started a month or so after I self-published The Dragon Princess. The second novel ended up being roughly 40 pages longer, involved more research and I even took some time to draw (possibly unneeded) floor plans. 

Between a busy weekend of NCAA basketball, St. Patrick's Day, and working on other projects, I was able to finally edit (for the 5th time) the final 20 pages of the manuscript. Thus began the process of readying author profiles, updating the manuscript format to fit requirements, and submitting the file to Kindle Direct Publishing. 

We went live late Friday night.

The Blue Gem is now available for download via Kindle Direct Publishing. The purchase of this book is available, of course, on Amazon via the Kindle store. Don't own a Kindle? No worries. You can also download the Kindle app to your phone, tablet, other devices and even your personal desktop. The price is currently listed at $3.99 and can be purchased here.

The Blue Gem is an epic fantasy adventure, good for readers ages 11 and older.

A brief synopsis: 

The Blue Gem, book one in the Magic of Crieo series, takes places thirty years after the War of the Lands. Buoyed by the heroics of the Dragon Princess, Riyana, the lands have settled into a time of peace. A Council of Races -- led by Druid Stelart and King Rion of Thurston -- has helped return a sense of normalcy to the nations. Safe trade routes have been restored and Stelart, along with Belark and Nikkon, has begun the initial stages of training new Druids.

An unexpected attack on a Druid leads Stelart back to one piece of unfinished business surround the War of the Lands: the destroying of the Blue Gem, the magical gem imprisoning the Demons.

Along with a young Elvin Druid, Rion's son, and a collection of others, Stelart leads an expedition to the City in the Clouds to retrieve the hidden Blue Gem before it falls into the wrong hands.

Racing against time and chased by Black Knights and other outlaws, Stelart's group aims to retrieve the Blue Gem before a gathering, unknown power gets there first. If Stelart fails, the unknown force will unleash the Demons to wreak havoc on the lands, possibly ending the peace and smooth sailing once and for all.