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Safeguard the Future

"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself."- Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Preying on fear, stirring up a fear and riling up a nationalist mob are all things number 45 has been doing since his early days on the trail. He's creating a fear that isn't truly there, in turn taking the early steps to make the United States an isolated country.

Why stop now?

Keeping focused and keeping organized during this whirlwind of the first week of office was a tough thing. Between executive orders, the attempted discrediting of the media, and putting a hate-spewing, white nationalist on a National Security Council, it's certainly been a doozy of a week.

Once again, progress has been halted in this great nation, making a mockery of what we stand for and leading the United States one step closer to isolation.

If anything, he should realize he doesn't have to put in place all of his policies in the first 30 days of office. He's got at least two years--before hopefully a sweeping change occurs in Congress--to attempt to take care of his promises to his "people"

Earlier in the week, it all began with an announcement of building a wall. This, despite the fact illegals the numbers of illegals crossing the border went down under the Obama administration. A wall, mind you, that #45 promised American citizens wouldn't pay for, but at this moment, the only plans put forth has Americans paying for it.  (Maybe he can just put it on his credit card. There's one situation--if he's just got to have that wall--in which mixing his business with the presidency would be okay).

The week culminated in an immigration ban. One that kept citizens, green card holders and visa holders from returning home to America on Saturday. Thanks to the ACLU, a temporary stay was put in place for these people, though new refugees are currently being banned.

The United States of America was built on immigrants. Yes, Obama did the same thing in 2011 with Iraqi refugees. At the time, the United States was in a war with Iraq and had two Iraqi born men arrested in Kentucky for plotting against this country. If arrests for similar plots had happened with Syrian refugees within the last year, the protests might have been less vocal. This is not happened. While preventive measures DO need to be in place, going about it with executive orders before plans are in place is not the right way to do it. All just another way to isolate America from the world.

Of course, maybe ol' 45 is quite possibly trying to overwhelm the nation with his antics while trying to cover up ties to Russia or make us forget about his ties to Russia. A working relationship with Putin is necessary to prevent another Cold War is necessary. Being in-bed with the man, though, is not a necessary evil America needs.

America needs unity and the Executive branch is doing even more to create the divide. How about instead of a wall, we find money to help out with veterans, with their help in VA homes, with the homeless and the less fortunate? Instead, money is frozen for federal workers. And money that could be spent on helping these programs, helping the less fortunate, go to building a wall that in the long run will cost more to fund. 

There are problems with certain systems--including the political one--that have been going on for long before the current man took office. Even for as much good the previous president did, there are things that could have been better. But he helped lower the unemployment rate, helped stabilize an economy that just about collapsed. He helped open up the doors for equality, for inclusion, and a better a country.

All of which is trying to be undone by a man and his nationalist team. (Do me a favor. Go look up Steve Bannon. Here's a place to start.)

Political beliefs in this climate are heating up beyond unreasonable levels (much like the earth's climate) and there is so much that can be done. Take the time to find news sources which actually report the news, not ones simply reeling readers in with tantalizing headlines and opinions. This post, this is an opinion with any facts given sources via links. Taking the time recently to visit strictly conservative sites, it's been found much of the articles people have shared are strictly opinion pieces. The headlines are essentially click bait, but so many followers of 45 share this blindly. All sides have these same news sites, but it is more prevalent among conservative sites. It's all about spin, spin, spin.

One does not have to believe in liberal ideologies to see what the Executive Branch and his cronies are doing. No one is asking you to suddenly become pro-life or to harbor refugees. People are simply asking of these followers to think critically, to realize we are all here as humans, regardless of sex, race, color, creed, or handicap.

For a president to truly work for the people, he/she/they need to at least way the options of the people. Compromise will go a lot further in unifying a nation than dividing it. Please remember, less than half of the people that went to the polls voted for the current president. If over half of the voters did not want you, you may want to look at ways to winning them over, not causing the furthering the divide. 

Believing in a brighter future is something everyone should aspire to. With the orders in place this week regarding the environment, the borders, and humanity in general, a goal of brighter future is becoming more difficult by the day. It is still possible.

It's not going to be easy. Luckily there are plenty of Americans--citizens and otherwise--here to fight for the most important aspect of all of this: Freedom of the human race. 

Organize. Stand up. Resist.


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