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Turmoil: Boiling Up and Over

A goal to limit time spent on social media is tough, especially when so much happens in one day. Anger builds on anger, false information grows exponentially, and only one side of the story is often being told.

And that's just information coming out of the White House.

It doesn't help when social media shares perpetuate falsehoods and half-truths.

Hoping to get back to regularly scheduled pop culture, sports, and writing posts very soon. It's tough to do in this ever-changing world especially when so much out in the vast sea of the internet is not properly vetted while being shared. (And if I'm guilty of it, please let me know. I am always looking to improve in this thing called life.)

Let's be clear: no matter if it says the words "Muslim" or not, the suspension of refugees is exactly that. Yes, the countries being focused on are countries President Obama had listed as one's extra precaution needed to be placed on. By invoking the term "Christian refugees" though, it is simply a sly way of pointing your directives at Muslims. And by invoking the horrific events of 9/11 and to not have the homelands of the 9/11 terrorists on the list is contradictory.  

Tweeting your response(s) is not the answer. I suppose your followers like it and hey, an occasional tweet might be nice. To defend your ban, though, by implying if "we waited a week" to announce it, it would "let the bad guys in" is careless and uneducated. Visas and such can take up to two years to properly vet so stop--in a repeated plea--riling up your followers with false information.

Not that this is of utmost importance--because being preventative is better than having to react--but none of the homegrown terrorist acts in the United States since 9/11 have had terrorists from the countries on this list. Radicalization can be done from anywhere to any willing participant, making a war on terror a seemingly futile and endless pursuit. Opening your hearts to multiple religions and beliefs--a fact that may never occur--would be an easier route to peace.

In regards to your people (and yourself) claiming Obama did the same thing in 2011 with Iraqi refugees, you are technically correct. He did. The part you left out? There was a credible threat on United States soil by two refugees from this very program. A threat that intelligence had its origins in Iraq. Plus, you know, there were still an estimated 50,000 American troops in Iraq whose safety needed to be watched out for. (For the complete story, head over to the Fact Check website.

This was stated in my last post, but please go look up Steve Bannon. The man has landed a place on ol 45's National Security Council. A man, who by the looks of it, is trying to start a race and religious war within not only the United States but the world. He is inexperienced and, like his president, should have no part in running a country.

And this piece I'm about to link to is not to be overlooked. Interesting stuff that is being overlooked because of the wide array of things being thrown at citizens every day. A gets a little doomsday-esque so be warned. Read the article.

The new Executive also ordered his first military operation, taking place in Yemen. One American Navy Seal, serving the United States proudly, lost his life. Others were also killed, including an eight-year girl. This all according to the New York Times

Do the words written here preach to a choir? Most likely. But if at least one person can open their mind from the supporters of the Executive crowd, then perhaps the words do some good. Perhaps the words are simply falling into an echo chamber. Opinions are what they are, especially when it comes to politics. Though, I still have trouble with people I respect, people I know who are intelligent, blindly supporting the president and his actions. He is not thinking in the best interest of this nation. He is thinking in the best interest of the white, Christian man. Maybe that fits you and that's why you embrace him.

It's time to embrace compassion, empathy and kindness. It's time to TRULY build to a better nation, not this one we're currently living in. We are all humans doing are best to make a mark in this world, whether it's among family, friends, or simply for yourself. Fear will not drive us, but fear of not being able to live in a safe, inclusive, progressive America and standing up for others, will. And that's the greatest weapon of all.


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