The poetry style of a younger self

The Journey of Now has been around for awhile now. I've been known, from time to time, to share some poetry from another lifetime ago.

I have not tried my hand at any new, sappy poems for years now. I'm not even entirely sure one can call them poems. They are a glimpse into the mind of a forlorn man. A man-child with bigger, romantic ideas of the world who was suffering a broken heart. (See. Sappy.)

Okay. Not all of them were like that, but a majority were. Going back to old writing is always quite the adventure and the learning experience. For example, my early 20's self referred to, in my writing, every female a girl. No matter the age, the word was girl and not woman.

I'm hopeful I have gained new insight and learned more as my life as a writer has (supposedly) progressed. Time will continue to tell. One thing is for certain: I hope I never stop growing and learning.

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As for now, here's a poem from 2005.

Sea Sick

A smile that eases pain
except that of your own

You gave one percent
and I returned it with rejection

Heart fell apart 
and tears crashed to the floor.

The door opened again 
and the roles reversed.

It's a long climb back
and each step is fragile

In the end,
we will be back at the top.

In love.
And alone.
Seas apart.

Will the distance be bridged?