A sneak peek at 'The Dragon Princess'

The NBA Finals? The United States Men's Soccer team? Ol' 45 continuing to ruin progress of this nation?

Presenting myself with a multitude of options to talk about this week, I decided to go the easy, self-promotional route, finally settling on an excerpt from THE DRAGON PRINCESS.

Nearly three years ago, I published my first fantasy novel via Kindle Direct Publishing. Coming up on nearly finishing the first draft of its follow up THE BLUE GEM, I decided to do this gentle reminder: THE DRAGON PRINCESS is still available to purchase and download for only 99 cents here.

(And along the pandering lines, if you feel like leaving a review on Amazon or my profile on Goodreads--good or bad, anonymous or not--please do. Both criticisms or affirmations help me grow as a writer. Appreciate it.)

The plate of food was shoved into the cell and the sound of scampering feet dissipated. Princess Riyana of Thurston waited until the door at the far end of the hall closed before emerging from the shadows of her cell. The hall itself was dimly lit by two torches, shining just enough light on the edges of the cell. Riyana quickly gave a look before snatching the plate into her hands. The plate was covered with fruits and bread. Riyana cradled the plate as she recoiled into the shadows of the cell and seated herself on the cold cement floor.

Riyana tossed a couple of berries into her mouth, savoring the juice flavor. She was being held prisoner here, but had been well taken care of as far as receiving meals regularly. Riyana next reached for the bread, ripping off a good chunk of it. She bit into the bread like a wild animal, pushing aside etiquette and shame while embracing her new style of eating. Receiving food was the one thing she looked forward to each day. She still had no clue as to why she was being held captive. Riyana believed her captors to be Gnomes, but that was solely based on the events of the night she was kidnapped.

Riyana took a brief moment to enjoy the food in her mouth. She wiped her hands on the gray soldier's uniform she had been wearing the night of her kidnapping. The uniform was two sizes too big but she'd always enjoyed how comfortable the uniform felt when she slept. Riyana's long, auburn hair reached down to her waist. Due to the days of being in the damp cell, her once silky straight hair had become greasy and tangled. She longed for a hairbrush, but even more so she  longed for her brother Rion. The two had never been separated for this period of time before. Though he was often a pain in her side, Riyana wished more than anything for him to get her out of this dingy place.

Riyana turned her attention back to the plate. She picked up an apple, poised to take a bite before suddenly remembering the man locked in the cell next to her. The man always stayed hidden in the shadows so she did not even know what he looked like. In fact, the man had not once revealed his name to Riyana.



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