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The Dragon Princess

It all started somewhere around the sixth grade.  That was when I embarked on writing a short story called Journeys and Wars.  I call it a short story now, but at the time I believed I was writing a novel.  A few years later, I decided to write a sequel to this first story.  It was to be called War of the Lands and would, by the end of high school, be a two book series that between both books totaled roughly 100 pages.  Boy, did I sure know a lot about how long a novel should be.  A binder soon began to be filled with maps, re-writes, chapters written on flyers, notes on napkins, and various other ideas from the years after school.  Soon, an actual novel began to take shape.

Nearly twenty years after graduating high school, I have finally decided to self publish what was formerly called War of the Lands.  That book is now called The Dragon Princess and is now closer to a respectable 300 pages long.  Though it still could use the look of a professional editor (thanks to Danny Cerullo f…
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You, Me, The Sky

The following is a piece of short, short fiction I wrote. The first line, "We know where we wanna go", was assigned as a prompt. It is from BUILT TO SPILL's song "Living Zoo".

We know where we wanna go. Laid out before us like a badly cared for yellow brick road, the path to our destination appeared to be an easy one.

Or was it?

The purpose of the journey does not matter, not anymore. The beginning mattered, but has since been clouded. As it stews together in my mind and boils down to the bare bones, the goal, the destination, and the purpose are all the same.


"Are you ready?"

Is that the voice of God? The voice belongs to that of a female. Women will gladly rejoice to know this fact. I am, in fact, indifferent to it all. The crispness of snapping fingers focuses my distracted attention. "I'm ready. Let's go."

Tanya, wearing a brand new pair of blue jeans and a skimpy top the color of meat fat, stands in the middle of the expan…

Twenty Years of Vampire Slaying

Photo: YouTube 
Twenty years ago, a television show with a cast of relatively unknown teenagers and created by somewhat unknown writer, premiered on a television network that many stations didn't even carry.
Twenty years later, Buffy the Vampire Slayer is still slaying and relevant in this ever-changing pop culture (and real) world.
Admittedly, I didn't start fully investing in this show until the sixth season. And, in double-secret admittance, it was because of girl.
And I'm thankful she introduced it into my life.
Prior to the fall of 2001, I had caught a few episodes. Most of them had been from season three, the season that saw the gang battle a demon of a principal and introduced to the world the character of Faith (Eliza Dushku).
That was it. In fact, at this point in the story, I had might not even watched these episodes if it weren't for a (secret) love of Dawson's Creek. (A show I had started watching because of my love of Kevin Williamson's writing in …

Memories of the Baseball Past

A song can take a person back in time. The journey into the depths of the mind can be as short as to the car ride last week or as far back to the devastating moment of the end of a relationship. Some even trigger memories from a first concert or the exact place you were at when you first connected to a now favorite song.
And sometimes, that song is Puff Daddy's Can't Nobody Hold Me Down.
For no discernible reason, the song is on an iPod. The lyrics set forth a chain of events in the mind that go back twenty years.  It's early March of 1997 and this was one of the many songs blaring from the boom box at the back of the bus. The song was one of many that found its way into the rotation for that season's baseball team. Traveling by bus for sometimes upwards of nine hours, a lot of activities were needed to pass the time. Listening to music as a group helped build camaraderie, if only for a few minutes.
The desert of Nevada, a vast wasteland of sagebrush, mountains, and t…

90's Poetry at its...Finest?

Going through some boxes today, I stumbled upon my "poetry" book. This book, a star-spangled American flag cover of my poetry, revealed the early writings of an attempt at writing poetry. The word poetry can be used very loosely here, as most it was written in my late teens. (Apart from one written about my grandpa, most likely from my freshman or sophomore year of high school.)

Over the years,I have dabbled in the form of poetry, some of which can been seen on this blog. In reality, much of this book is collection of post break-up thoughts and feelings. Though that's not what you'll be reading today.

The following are just a taste. So, in lieu of my normal weekly post, I present: Late 90's poetry from a scrambled mind.

The sun set upon the mountain
ready to be gone.
The bird drank upon the fountain
singing only for fun.
The man lay there on his bed
dying time was near.
Thinking of the great life he had led
showing little fear.
Then the large sky grew dar…

A Look Back: Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

"Look, I hate Los Angeles just like everybody else, but I have to work here because in any other part of the country I'd be unemployable."- Matthew Perry as Matt Albie in Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
In the fall of 2006, fresh off a successful seven-season run for television's The West Wing, creator and writer Aaron Sorkin launched his next project. With an all-star cast in place, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip was set to be a huge follow-up for Sorkin.
If you've never heard of it, there's likely a good reason. The show only ran for one season.
Studio 60 was centered on a behind-the-scenes look at the production of a weekly, live sketch comedy show. 
If that sounds familiar, it's because NBC also launched a little show called 30 Rock at the same time. While the Tina Fey creation lasted seven seasons and was lauded critical acclaim, Studio 60 did not make it past 2007.
What happened?
The talent for Studio 60 was present. The show starred Matthew Perry, Bra…

Gonzaga Bulldogs Ready to Peel Off Cinderella Label

It's a Cinderella story 17 seasons in the making. 17 consecutive seasons of "will they or won't they?" From one seeds to eleven seeds, the Gonzaga Bulldogs have been labeled the 'ultimate Cinderella'.
Is this the season they finally breakthrough to the Final Four?
All signs currently point to yes.
Ranked number one for the second straight week. A 25-0 record. Running opponents off the court while playing outstanding defense. A deep bench. Brewing in the wind could be the perfect storm of Gonzaga finally cutting down the nets in early April.
Under head coach Mark Few, the Bulldogs have appeared in six Sweet Sixteens, even ending with a 35-3 record in the 2014-15 season while reaching the Elite Eight.
A season after bowing out of the NCAA tourney during the sweet 16, 2016-17 was supposed to be another season in which Gonzaga had to fight to win the West Coast Conference. The team supposed to take them down--their nemesis in St. Mary&…

Turmoil: Boiling Up and Over

A goal to limit time spent on social media is tough, especially when so much happens in one day. Anger builds on anger, false information grows exponentially, and only one side of the story is often being told.
And that's just information coming out of the White House.
It doesn't help when social media shares perpetuate falsehoods and half-truths.
Hoping to get back to regularly scheduled pop culture, sports, and writing posts very soon. It's tough to do in this ever-changing world especially when so much out in the vast sea of the internet is not properly vetted while being shared. (And if I'm guilty of it, please let me know. I am always looking to improve in this thing called life.)
Let's be clear: no matter if it says the words "Muslim" or not, the suspension of refugees is exactly that. Yes, the countries being focused on are countries President Obama had listed as one's extra precaution needed to be placed on. By invoking the term "Christi…