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Summer afternoons of forgotten youth

Now and again, I take to writing about a memory or, as the mood strikes, a general feeling that enters into my heart. Today is one of those days. Enjoy!

There is something about the hum of a fan whirling, especially in the afternoon of a hot, summer day, that takes me back to my youth.
An empty silence, devoid of sounds from the television and the bass line of music, fills the ears. The only sound is that of the fan. 
In the back room of the ancient house, there are two beds, of which I'm laying on the smaller. It's a twin bed, mattresses stacked high while a queen-sized bed nearby is empty, sheets still untucked from the night prior. The room, along with the entire house, smells of stale nicotine but I don't mind. The odor is rooted in the walls, floors, and skeleton of this house, thanks to grandparents who smoked inside for 25 years. It's a smell that acts as a bridge connecting the past to the present, if there is such a thing; one that is intoxicating, a reminder …

The star-crossed paths of Christopher Meloni and Elias Koteas

Two actors, both who inhabited the world of Dick Wolf produced shows, have been in the business for 30 plus years. It's time to get them in a show together. It's sad to think the paths of detectives Olinsky and Stabler never crossed paths. If they had, it might have been the best hour of television in the history of the medium developed by Philo Farnsworth.
In case you're not familiar with either -- or one -- of these characters, let's cover the basics. Alvin Olinsky, humbly played by Elias Koteas, appeared on the first five seasons of Chicago P.D. Soft-spoken, full of wisdom, stoic, and intense when needed, Olinsky was a throwback cop, sometimes with an unorthodox way of contributing to a case.
Elliot Stabler, portrayed by Christopher Meloni, might be the more recognizable of the two. For 12 seasons, he was part of the Benson (Mariska Hargitay) and Stabler team that helped put away the scumbags in the Law and Order: SVU universe.
The Dick Wolf produced dramas of Chic…