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Here's a Quarter Back (Keep the Change)

Smell that?  It's in the air, like a freshly made cup of coffee on a chilly September morning.  There's trouble brewing for the Boise State football team.  The grounds were put into the grinder tonight as a lack of productivity from the offense led to a 28-14 defeat by the Air Force Falcons.

Heading into Saturday's match, the Broncos offense had been hitting on all cylinders since their opening week loss to Ole Miss.  Sure, the running game had a small hiccup against the University of Connecticut, but the passing game responded with the type of game you'd expect from a senior quarterback.  Boise State won that game and the running game returned (with a balanced passing game) a week ago against Louisiana-Lafayette.

That all came crashing to a halt on Saturday night versus the Falcons.  Grant Hedrick, the aforementioned senior quarterback, had quite possibly the worst game of his career.  This was a performance that saw him throw for four interceptions and also a fumble…

It's Thursday Already?

I have two thoughts for the day.  Yep.  These are the only two thoughts I'm going to have all day.  For the rest of the day I will be shutting off my mind by indulging in a Two and a Half Men marathon.  That show is not only hilarious, but the plot lines are riveting.

The first thought is regarding Emma Watson's recent speech on feminism and gender equality.  Well said, Ms. Watson.  Well said.  I'm not going to break down the entire speech here.  There is no need to analyze it sentence by sentence.  I will say that what she stated about feminism was done in a constructive way and didn't come across as any of the ways that feminism (to me) is starting to be viewed as.  (For the speech and more: Emma Watson on Feminism)

The speech was very educational to me and brought me back to a more rational viewpoint on what feminism is.  Lately, I have seen the word "feminism" attached to articles and viewpoints that do come across as too angry and too anti-man.  Now, to …

The Yellow Flags Fly High

Summer.  2014.  NFL fans are fed up.  Tired of watching NFL games that flow smoothly and are generally close to three hours in length, the fans rise up and demand that more penalties be called during a game.  Ask and you shall receive.  Through 64 total games this year, flags are flying at an alarming rate.  Through the first two weeks of the season, 446 penalties have been called for 3,338 yards.  Based off a rough estimate, at this rate approximately five hundred more penalties will be called this year than in 2013.  We now have fields littered in yellow laundry and fans are releasing a collective sigh.  Football is back!

Of course, fans were not clamoring for more penalties.  In fact, many fans I have spoken with are growing quite frustrated with the interrupted play we have seen on the field this year.  As it is fans are normally treated to eleven minutes of actual football action.  Maybe this was this reason the NFL implemented new rules regarding illegal contact, illegal hands t…

iPhone 6 Released...And Life Goes On

The big news is in the title of this post.  While I am continually amazed with the way modern technology grows every day, I, for one, am not rushing out to buy this new phone.  In fact, I have owned four cell phones in my lifetime.  I didn't even own a smart phone until two and half years ago.  Don't get me wrong, I love the capabilities I have with my HTC phone from T-Mobile.  I can make phone calls, there is text messaging capability, there is a camera, and I can get on the internet.  Oh, and I also played Flappy Bird for a short time.  I'm sure there are tons of other things I can do with this phone, but I just haven't.  The phone provides with what I need.  All of this begs one question: How much does the original iPhone cost now?

Okay, I'm well aware that the first version of the iPhone is probably not available for retail anywhere.  Point is, I have never been one to really clamor for the next big gadget or device.  Technology is constantly evolving and I am …

The Bell Tolls...Quietly

Lifetime Television premiered it's most recent original movie, The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story, last night.  For anyone steeped in the culture/lore of Saved by the Bell there was probably nothing of any interest learned here.  Except for that Dustin Diamond (Screech) made friends with an actor who could only get extra work.  This actor turned him onto alcohol and marijuana.  This actor even helped to get Mr. Diamond "laid" on down time from a press junket in South Carolina.  As it turned out, this actor was just using Mr. Diamond in hopes of getting a part on the show.  Go figure.
I will openly admit that I consider myself a Saved by the Bell aficionado.  I have even written about the series and it's affects on misguided relationships on this blog years ago. (Saved by the Bell: Anatomy of a relationship 7/7/08).  I decided to watch this Lifetime movie and put myself through two hours of what can be best described as melting vanilla ice cream.  With the netw…