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Podcasts You Might Be Missing Out On

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Podcasts have been around for years now. It is only over the past year in which I've really started to fall in love with them, fully exploring the world around me via the internet.
In fact, the amount of choices out there can feel overwhelming at times. I've started and stopped a few, mostly because I've become sidetracked when I find another one that interests me. Starting down a podcast rabbit hole is quite an infliction and sometimes podcasts get pushed out of the scope of my attention.
While there are certainly more nationally recognized ones I stick to, such as the Missing Richard Simmons podcast or the recently released S-Town podcast (in which I listened to all seven chapters in the course of 24 hours), there are other ones I listen to on a regular basis. These tackle a wide range of topics and tell very different stories, but they are podcasts I try to never miss. They might be lesser known (though many have begun to earn recognition), t…

You, Me, The Sky

The following is a piece of short, short fiction I wrote. The first line, "We know where we wanna go", was assigned as a prompt. It is from BUILT TO SPILL's song "Living Zoo".

We know where we wanna go. Laid out before us like a badly cared for yellow brick road, the path to our destination appeared to be an easy one.

Or was it?

The purpose of the journey does not matter, not anymore. The beginning mattered, but has since been clouded. As it stews together in my mind and boils down to the bare bones, the goal, the destination, and the purpose are all the same.


"Are you ready?"

Is that the voice of God? The voice belongs to that of a female. Women will gladly rejoice to know this fact. I am, in fact, indifferent to it all. The crispness of snapping fingers focuses my distracted attention. "I'm ready. Let's go."

Tanya, wearing a brand new pair of blue jeans and a skimpy top the color of meat fat, stands in the middle of the expan…

Twenty Years of Vampire Slaying

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Twenty years ago, a television show with a cast of relatively unknown teenagers and created by somewhat unknown writer, premiered on a television network that many stations didn't even carry.
Twenty years later, Buffy the Vampire Slayer is still slaying and relevant in this ever-changing pop culture (and real) world.
Admittedly, I didn't start fully investing in this show until the sixth season. And, in double-secret admittance, it was because of girl.
And I'm thankful she introduced it into my life.
Prior to the fall of 2001, I had caught a few episodes. Most of them had been from season three, the season that saw the gang battle a demon of a principal and introduced to the world the character of Faith (Eliza Dushku).
That was it. In fact, at this point in the story, I had might not even watched these episodes if it weren't for a (secret) love of Dawson's Creek. (A show I had started watching because of my love of Kevin Williamson's writing in

Memories of the Baseball Past

A song can take a person back in time. The journey into the depths of the mind can be as short as to the car ride last week or as far back to the devastating moment of the end of a relationship. Some even trigger memories from a first concert or the exact place you were at when you first connected to a now favorite song.
And sometimes, that song is Puff Daddy's Can't Nobody Hold Me Down.
For no discernible reason, the song is on an iPod. The lyrics set forth a chain of events in the mind that go back twenty years.  It's early March of 1997 and this was one of the many songs blaring from the boom box at the back of the bus. The song was one of many that found its way into the rotation for that season's baseball team. Traveling by bus for sometimes upwards of nine hours, a lot of activities were needed to pass the time. Listening to music as a group helped build camaraderie, if only for a few minutes.
The desert of Nevada, a vast wasteland of sagebrush, mountains, and t…