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The WWE and its (Supposed) Downfall

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A bi-annual look at the state of the WWE, my guilty pleasure and company that is apparently losing viewers by the handful.
Daniel Bryan. John Cena. Randy Orton. Bautista. CM Punk. AJ Lee. Cesaro. Seth Rollins. These are just a few of the superstars of the WWE that have been significantly injured, on hiatus, or simply left the company over the past few years. Some tie the loss of these big names directly to the significant drop in ratings for the WWE's flagship program, RAW.
These critics, fans, and experts might be right. Perhaps the lack of these big names are turning viewers away from RAW. The lack of a true superstar giving the casual fans a reason to tune in every week, if only for a few minutes, is hurting viewership.
Or maybe, just maybe, the company and its creative team is currently in a lull. A lull that finds them often writing story lines into any direction they deem fit and keeping exciting wrestlers that fans want to see out of the m…

Welcome to 37

Saturday. Unseasonably warm for the middle of the November. One week away from my 37th birthday. I should be out, doing something productive. Nope. Wrong answer.

Instead, I am furiously looking over clues to help me find a missing 'M' which could lead to $5000. I could be out physically searching, like many others, but am instead waiting for them to comb over an area while I think outside the box. Ultimately, the money will be found in that area and I will kick myself for not making the effort to go drive around and waste a Saturday afternoon.

I suppose I'm wasting a Saturday afternoon even by sitting here. Figured I'd get the mind going and at least throw a quick update onto ye olde blog.

Freelance Writing This aspect of my writing career has picked up in recent months. I have been lucky enough to have been published on various websites, including here, here, and here.

These are in addition to my continued contributions to Bronco Nation News and Chowder & Champi…

Of Dollar Stores and Ham

Last March, I submitted the following story to the people over at Chicken Soup for the Soul. They were looking for stories for the next Christmas edition in their line of books.
With the book now out in stores (and never hearing back from them), I am operating under the assumption my story wasn't selected. That is why I'm posting it now.
The following took place when I lived in Los Angeles. Names haven't been used in this story in order to protect the innocent (and the guilty).
Of Dollar Stores and Ham
The smell of honey baked ham cooking in the oven filled the entire two-bedroom apartment with its enticing aroma. The ham was the prize of that Christmas, or so I thought, and I listened intently as the juices of the ham sizzled in the scoring heat of the oven. I had never cooked a ham before but I had decided it was the least I could do for my friends. Judging by the salivating looks on their faces, they were ready to judge my cooking skills. Christmas or not, they would let m…