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The trouble with expanding television shows that had an end point

In an ever-growing entertainment landscape, finding the right balance as when to end a show is becoming an increasingly difficult task to master. There is something to be said about ending a series on a good note. Whether it's after one season or ten, the creator(s) of said series desire to tell as many stories of the world they created. I imagine if I were lucky enough to be put in that position, the choice would be a difficult -- but good -- one to have to make.
It's currently not something I have to worry about but as someone who has spent their life watching television, while also wanting to write in that medium, there is plenty of good entertainment to choose from. Content developed for streaming services, cable, and broadcast television is at an all-time high. It's often difficult to keep up with everything -- something I've given up on trying to do -- and it leaves viewers having to pick and choose what to watch and give dedication to more than ever before.

Women's World Cup: Prep for final between USA and Netherlands

courtesy of The finale of the 2019 World Cup happens on July 7, with the United States taking on Netherlands. A preview of this, plus a little bit about Alex Morgan's celebration. One of the most iconic celebrations in the history of United States soccer -- both men and women alike -- is when Brandi Chastain ripped off her shirt  after a penalty kick to help deliver the World Cup to the USA in 1999.
The moment was captured and lived on in magazines and newspapers, a moment of pure bliss and elation from converting on the biggest stage of them all.
Scoring a goal in soccer, especially in the World Cup, is always worth celebrating. Chastain's was certainly a response to the heightened moment, letting the energy flow. Creative juices are part of the goal-scoring experience, whether it's a planned team effort or simply showing off in the moment.
No matter the case, I would have never believed so much attention would be given to a simple gesture of drinking tea, as h…

Pulisic and McKennie era for the USMNT is upon us

The United States Men's National team is once again in the finals of the Gold Cup, in large part due to the play of Christian Pulisic and Weston McKennie. The 2019 Gold Cup has seen the USMNT alternately playing to their full potential while at times looking completely lost. Sometimes, this has happened multiple times in the same game.
In any case, one thing is certain: The Christian Pulisic and Weston McKennie era has been ushered in.
Their efforts and talents were on full display on July 3 in a 3-1 victory over Jamaica in the semifinals of the Gold Cup. McKennie opened the scoring for the Americans and had some well-played passes that set up other scoring changes throughout the game.
Pulisic continued to live up to his reputation as one of the best young players in the game as he scored two second-half goals to secure USA's spot in the final. Continuing to be a master dazzler, emptying the tank on every play, refueling, and dazzling all over gain, Pulisic has been the star …