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The Climb

One step. Two steps. Three steps. More.
The barricades mount. The path is not straightforward and clear of debris. A sliver of light momentarily shows the glory and is immediately buried. Massive boulders, barbed wire, thick bush, and heaps of dirt build up in desperate efforts to weaken the soul. The shovel I brought gets smaller, seemingly disappearing in what is now my massive hand. Perhaps a pick axe and wire cutters are the true solution.
Going around the barricade would take too long. Or would it? Perhaps there is a way around I haven't sought yet. The long way and bull rushing full steam ahead can't be the only options. The light must be expanded to fight the ensuing darkness.
The peak gets further away. One barricade is passed only to be replaced with a steeper climb and more obstacles. The feet do not move, stuck in the quicksand of a constantly moving mountain. The struggle only makes it worse. Rapid movements and fighting lead to sinking of a different kind. I'…

The Life of Loyalty


One simple word can be applied to a handful of occasions, situations, and instances in life. The word itself appears in the tiniest of circumstances yet at the same time can carry the burden of a person's world.

Loyalty can be applied to family. They are blood. They are the lifeline of existence. Through thick and thin, one will do for family. In most cases it is a loyalty to uphold the beliefs of the people that have been present in your life from the beginning.

That same loyalty can spread to close friends and members of your inner circle. Many of the same trials and tribulations can be applied to these close friends. Battles have been fought and won with these friends. Trenches have been dug, disagreements have been had, and success has been achieved. These long time and close friends are a backbone of a life created. People may not always agree, the friends may not agree, but loyalty is a credo that will last until the very end.

Loyalty is seen through love and carrie…

First Published Play

I mentioned this earlier in my March updates and it is now officially up on the website...

My one act play, One Night Stand, has been published through a company called Heartland Plays. You can read about it all here.

The play was originally intended to be part of a trilogy of one-acts that I was going to call the Trinity Plays. While I completed one other one-act called Right Hand of the Father, I never finished the third one so the idea kind of fell by the wayside.

Perhaps I will resurrect that third play and one day get all of it completed.

As for now, I'm very thankful to Heartland Plays for publishing One Night Stand and appreciate the opportunity.

Full House for an Old Era

Whatever happened to predictability...
Reportsare flying out of Hollywood that Full House, the iconic show from the late 80's/early 90's is set to shoot a 13-episode reboot starring Candace Cameron Bure (D.J. Tanner) and Andrea Barber (Kimmie Gibbler). Is this an April Fool's Day hoax arriving a day late? Don't bet on it. In today's entertainment world of trying to make what was popular once popular again, it's a good bet that Netflix is truly making this happen. We have been ushered into a new era. One led by the great Jimmy Fallon. He who has brought together casts from Saved By the Bell and other favorite shows he grew up with. I'm not saying he is to blame but he can certainly be seen as the leader of the Nostalgia generation. These are 28-40 year-old people that are attempting to recreate and recapture their lost youth. People that want to continue and bring back the movies/t.v. shows they grew up on. They are the nostalgiaists. (I know it looks funny. …