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Mustache Saturday: An Adventure.

Four simple men. All with dreams of mediocrity and quiet aspirations. What happened to them one sunny Saturday will forever live on in the lore of, well, no one really, but that's beside the point. Is this an episode of the Twilight Zone? No, this is just but an episode of what I like to call: Mustache Saturday.

Four simple men. Dr. Strange, Bowser, Sweet Athletic Jesus, and D-Ceru. Super Heroes? No, just an oddball group with even more ridiculous nicknames. It was but a week ago that Dr. Strange decided it would be a good idea if these four men grew mustaches for a week, then go hit the town with said mustaches. Good ideas always stem from a night of hearty drinking, so the four men agreed that in one week, Mustache Saturday would occur.

Many believe this would have never happened if D-Ceru hadn't reminded Dr. Strange of said agreement, but he did, and at first, was an asshole for it. As the mustaches grew in, the group began to get more excited about the day…

The Sunshine Boys

June 6th, 2008. A mild night at best, but one where I was getting ready to experience a night of theatre. One that I was being reluctantly dragged to (not since Freddy Got Fingered came out had I been coereced into seeing something, and those are two hours I can never get back in my life). I was not looking forward to going, but I figured hey, it will be over quickly and I can proceed with the rest of my night. The tickets were purchased, the blue hairs had settled in, and the lights dimmed. I was ready to take a ride through Neil Simon land.
Nearly three hours later, that ride ended. Never before had I felt this way about theatre. The production of this play moved me. Moved me in a way that I wish I could take back the last eight years of my life and never go into theatre to begin with. Okay, it wasn't that horrible, but you get the idea. I don't think once I was truly engaged in the play, and I've seen a lot of bad theatre over the past ten years.

Kurt Rambis: Friend or Foe?

As a lifelong Celtics fan, it is hard not to think back to the Lakers/Celtics rivalry of the 1980's. You know, the ones of Magic vs Bird, Kareem vs Robert Parrish, and Dennis Johnson vs Byron Scott. None of those men are as good as the one I'm about to mention. That's man's name is Kurt Rambis.
Who, some of you may ask, is Kurt Rambis? Well, Mr. Rambis, as I should be calling, was the great white hope of Los Angeles during their championship runs. Okay, maybe no one called him that, but they should have. Mr. Rambis had the shaggy hair long before Steve Nash made it popular. Long before players were wearing contacts and face masks, Kurt Rambis was out there hustling for rebounds wearing his glasses.
As a Celtics fan, many may wonder why I would even consider writing about Kurt Rambis. Well, I feel that too many people have forgotten about Kurt Rambis. Forgotten about his short stint with the Lakers as their head coach. And I believe too many people have fail…