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First off: Oops. In regards to the post below, I vastly underestimated Alabama's offense. 21 points in a single game must be some sort of record. What a game!

Now that I have that off my chest, I wanted to talk about the new play I've almost completed the first draft of. This will not be an article about what the play is about, but instead focus on more of the process and journey this play has taken me over the years.

Poison and it's previous incarnation was first written in the summer/fall of 2001. It was my first stab at a full length play and luckily enough for me, my good friend and neighbor Lisa Hyslop was looking to produce/direct a play in February of 2002. Lucky for me, I had just finished a draft of Poison and thus, a creative partnership was born. Except I chose not to fully participate in that process, which still follows me around to this day and at the same time, drives me to all strive for more. I dutifully completed some re-writes, based on suggestio…

BCS: Eh... Who cares?

Normally predictions for such games come before the game actually starts. I have decided to wait until there was 9 min and 23 sec left to make my predictions. After 2 punts and a 1 first day through the first six minutes, I am making a final score prediction of 3 to 2 in favor of L.S.U.

And here is why: A Punter.

That's right. Brad Wing of L.S.U. will be the MVP of this National Title Game. Or BCS championship. Whatever you want to call it. I'm not even going to watch the game because I'm that sure of the outcome.

Okay, so I lied. I am currently watching but I will probably change the channel. Because nothing is happening. I like good defensive battles as much as anyone, but as I write this sentence, my MVP pick has just punted for the 2nd time. And he just made the tackle on a good return by Alabama. Perhaps we will see a field goal attempt by Alabama. Remember, they did hit two field goals last game. (What's that? They missed four? Oh yeah. Oops.)


One Page Play

TWO MEN are standing on the overlook of a bridge

MAN #1: Why'd we stop?

MAN #2: Nice night. And I enjoy the view.

MAN #1: I'm smoking. You in?

MAN #2: No.

MAN #1 lights a cigarette

MAN #1: What's the problem?

MAN #2: I love her.

MAN #1: I know. What's the problem?

MAN #2: Tomorrow...

MAN #1: What?

MAN #2: "Tomorrow," she says. That's the straight away, clear answer she provides for everything.

MAN #1: Tomorrow... Clever.

MAN #2: I'm tired of it. Put it off, put it off, and nothing.

MAN #1: It's the easy way out. Tomorrow.

MAN #2: And what do I have to show for it?

MAN #1: Tomorrow?

MAN #2: Exactly. Tomorrow and a little change.

MAN #1: And yet...

MAN #2: I'm still in love.

MAN #1: Do you have it?

MAN #2: Yes.

MAN #1: Let me see it.

MAN #2: Amazing...

MAN #2 hands MAN #1 a wedding ring in its case. MAN #1 looks at it and throws it to the river down below.

MAN #2: What the hell!

MAN #1: Now tomorrow will have its an…

That Auld Lang Syne


Here's to it.

And all of the uncertainty that lies ahead.

Here's the plan. Follow it if you'd like. They are merely suggestions, not demands. They are simply mantras of life that I have been attempting to follow over the last few months. And I believe most people could find at least one to agree with.

Live like there is no tomorrow.

Find your inner peace.

Embrace love.

Control what you can.

Don't think. Just do.

Dream Big.

Go Big or Go Home.

Don't Forget about Dre

Waste no time.

Acknowledge your thoughts.

Be one with the ball.

Proceed with reckless abandon.

Live in the present.

There are many more, but it could go on forever. Happy New Year to all. Here is to hoping that 2012 is a great one. Best wishes to all.