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A Misguided Society

Have we, as humans, lost the right to make responsible choices and decisions? That is the question I am putting forth this very evening. As a country, we are trying in utter disdain to create a utopia. Evidence mounts each and every day that points this. We want to control everything from the weather to what we eat in order to create a perfect society. In the process, we are tearing down the little people and often assigning blame to places it shouldn't be placed. My point today, in what may seem like a bitter rant against a decaying nation, will be centered around the people that are regulating our choice of beer cans. More importantly, it's against something that really has no impact in what kind or how much a beer a person will drink. I am speaking, of course, of the right to choose a beer in a neatly colored can, if I so desire.

For those of you that don't know or are unaware, Bud Light has recently launched limited edition cans in which the cans are multi-color…
Pouring over the years of drinking in Boise bars, I've realized that many of the memories, and in turn these blogs, have begun to sound the same. As it has seemed to boil down to logistics, everything revolves around cheap beer, smoky air, and good times. That is why, with much regret and not a lot of sorrow, I've decided to end the current series of bars after this blog. I have covered, I believe, the bars I have spent the majority of my time at over the years. And I have noticed that their business has not increased ten fold since I've begun the blog series. Maybe that's due to lack of Boise readership, or the fact that I did not like the Ted Challenger owned bars, and that's where half of Boise spends their weekends. Why? Well, because these are the "cool" clubs to attend and Fame Fifteen is there. In the end, I guess, people like notoriety.

As it is, my journey has finally brought me to Mulligans, the bar you love to love and the bar you love…

I hate the Yankees

TO: New York Yankees
FROM: Jason

RE: My hatred of your team, your new stadium, and Johnny Damon

To whom it may concern:
I hate you, New York Yankees. I have never liked you, ever since I first had Ron Guidry's baseball card and had to look at that hideous mustache. I do not like your new stadium, where apparently home runs fly out of the park at a ridiculous rate. What kind of team tears down a treasured national icon to build an overpriced, over luxurious stadium? A team with a greedy owner, for one. One that likes to cheat by allowing home runs. Sure, A-Rod and your first baseman (A man who spurned the Red Sox) have always hit home runs. Their hits are expected. As for you, Johnny Damon, why is it ever time I turn on the damn television you are hitting a home run. Maybe someone should test you for steroids. Have you been hanging out with your new teammate A-Rod a little too much these days?

Another thing I hate about the Yankees this year is your "Idiot" ment…