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Ten Things You Didn't Know About...

Lists populate the internet these days.  Instead of well thought out, visually constructive articles, we as an internet audience are treated to an inane amount of lists that, in the end, are hardly informative.

It can range from a list describing plot holes in your favorite sci-fi movie all the way to things you didn't know about your favorite sitcom in the 90's.

Now, if one is a big fan of said movie, television show or band, chances are the fan already knows a majority of what is about to be "revealed".  On the flip side, someone that doesn't like said example will most likely not be clicking on these "articles".  There is no scientific proof to back this up.  Just an educated guess.

Someone must be reading these lists because they are growing.

Why not join the club?


1. This war wasn't so civil.

2. Abraham Lincoln was president of the United Stated during the Civil War.

3. Lincoln was a hu…

The Decline of Hollywood

The Variety headline reads: "Eli Roth Boards 'Cabin Fever' reboot". (Eli Roth Boards "Cabin Fever" Reboot)
Yep, that horror film from 2002 is being rebooted to reach a whole new generation of fans.  Or, you know, because it was only made 12 years ago, the same generation that saw it the first time.
This has become the current state of Hollywood.  We'll pump out a bunch of Marvel movies, sequels to Michael Bay movies, and reboots of movies that were made within the last fifteen years.  That will bring in the money.
Actually, in the case of this years box office, it won't.  Despite some successes (Guardian's of the Galaxy, Captain America 2), this years box office is down.  That's with more movies being released in 3-D and IMAX and playing in more movie theaters.
Yes, 2013 set a record in box office totals. 2014 had a lot to live up to.  It certainly hasn't.  In fact, since 2009, 2014 has only made more money than the year 2011. (Box Offi…

On the Precipice of the Stars

The following is a short story I entered into a contest for the literary journal The First Line.  The journal and it's subsequent contest gives the writer the first sentence of a story.  The writer must create the story from this first sentence.  Here is one I submitted over the summer. To see more about The First Line, visit there website:

Fifty miles west of Bloomington lies Hillsboro, a monument to middle class malaise.  The trees grow green, yes, and the sky is blue, same as anywhere else. I suppose that doesn't mean very much to people around here.  It still means a lot to me, though I wouldn't be too quick to display as much.  I mean, it's only a blue sky and it's only green trees. Nothing to write home about, that's for sure.

Today is Sunday.  Most folks will be at the church, as far as I can surmise.  If anything, they sure as hell aren't coming to the diner.  One would figure that on Sundays people would like to congreg…

On the Verge

A little over four months ago, I quit my quite stable job that I had held for the past seven years.  I quit because I wanted to focus my complete attention on being a writer. 

No job.  No income.  No insurance.  As a man of thirty-five, it was quite a leap to jump into the chasm without a parachute.

It was the best decision I've ever made.

Now, before reading much further, understand this: I am by no means stepped foot in the realm of "successful writer with means to pay the bills from writing".  I have certainly had successes in regards to this endeavor.  I have self-published an e-book (The Dragon Princess) and have started writing articles for  Steps in the right direction of achieving my dreams in which writing is my sole means of income.

Now, here we are, four months after the fact and a new job search is underway.  I've reached a point that after four months of only writing that I do not want to return to another job that does not belong …

The N(o) F(un) L(eague)

A touchdown is scored.  The scoring player politely hands the referee the football.  A penalty flag is thrown. The player has been flagged for handing the ball to the referee.  Turns out, he handed the ball to the wrong official.  He should have handed the ball to the back judge.
This is might sound far fetched, yes, but there may one day be an NFL in which we witness this happening.  The decline of play on the field has already grown to be quite frustrating this year. (The Yellow Flags Fly High) Recently we've seen a player flagged for falling to his knees in prayer (NFL already apologized for this one, but the damage has been done.  It's okay for Tim Tebow, though).  Add in fines for how a player accessorizes after a game and we are seeing a clear change before our eyes.  Welcome to the corporate future, NFL players.  You are now part of a machine that is slowly sucking away your personalities.
This all began in the year 1988.  A man that would go on to finish his career wi…

The East Always Rises

Dominance over the last 16 years in the NBA can be summed up with these three words: The Western Conference.  These words can be followed up with two nicknames: The Big Fundamental and the Black Mamba.  You line up those two statements and what you get is an Eastern Conference that is continually trying to piece together a competitive balance in the NBA Finals.

Tim Duncan aka The Big Fundamental, leader of the San Antonio Spurs and Kobe Bryant aka Black Mamba, leader of the Los Angeles Lakers, have combined to win ten NBA titles during their career.  They've even split them right down the middle, winning five apiece.  Over the last sixteen years the Western Conference has won eleven titles.  (The 11th belongs to Dirk Nowitzki.  Tough era for him to win multiple titles in.)

The Eastern Conference has five titles during this span.  A title every third year.  Three belong to the Miami Heat, one to the Detroit Pistons, and one to the team of one year destiny, the Boston Celtics.  All …

The Arrival of Autumn

This post has nothing to do with the arrival of Autumn.  This post has nothing to do with arrival of a lady named Autumn, either.  Though it would be pretty awesome if a magnificent lady named Autumn appeared in a blinding light from the heavens above the city and simply said, "You're welcome".

This is my favorite time of year.  The days are a bit chillier, the nights even cooler, and an occasional rain descends upon us.  I don't know why, but drinking coffee on autumn mornings also brings forth a certain sense of joy not felt in the other times of the year.  Paradise...

I'm simply here today to provide some updates. 

The Dragon Princess, day by day, gains a little traction.  I was able to visit a morning show in Sacramento, called "Sac & Co.", to spend three minutes promoting the book.  The experience was new to me, but also a wonderful opportunity to promote the book and to promote myself.  Plus, I was able to see my dear friends Greg and Missi, wh…