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A Wednesday night rant...

I'm in a little bit of a ranting/venting mood. It will be short and to the point.

Think of it as Lewis Black meeting Clint Eastwood telling people to get off his lawn.

This dates back to the around the Presidential Election of 2012, but it finally reached a boiling point today. We have become a lazy society. I understand how we have progressed to a twitter age of abbreviating everything. With a limited amount of characters, it was only inevitable. The same thing goes with text messaging. I, for the most part, still type out an entire text, word for word. Once in awhile I abbreviate because it's only so long that I can fight a losing battle. Abbreviating is inevitable.

It started with this: POTUS. I saw this on the scroll of CNN or Fox News or some other news station. Then the anchor(person) was using this term. I, for the life of me, could not figure it out until someone correctly used the "acronym". President of the United States. Doesn't that perso…

The Los Angeles... Celtics?

Rumors continue to swirl regarding a trade for Boston Celtics coach Doc Rivers and player Kevin Garnett to the Los Angeles Clippers for at least two players. My initially problem is not with the trade itself. Trades happen all the time in the NBA and other sports. My problem lies with Doc Rivers himself and he is most likely part of the reason this trade is being orchestrated.

Doc Rivers has three years remaining on his contract and has thus far been mum this off season on his coaching plans for the future. He has still been participating in the teams off season practices and trade evaluations. And yet this man has still not officially stated he is coming back or resigning. Now, it would seem that at this point he would move forward with coaching the team, seeing how it has been over a month since the Celtics packed their bags for vacation.

Suddenly, the Clippers head coaching position opens up and it seems that Doc Rivers is interested in heading there. Now, he has not come ou…