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Christmas Time is here. Have another beer...

In the spirit of the holidays, I was going to talk about twelve things that the Christmas season has brought us. Even more so, these are general observations I have had over the last month or so. As I started to dive in, and with time running short before Christmas, I have decided to narrow the list down. I was going to include links on some of them, but alas, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation is on, and my attention is divided. Enjoy and Happy Holidays to all! Thanks for stopping by.

1.) Grandma needs to take it easy on the eggnog. While it's always nice to have in moderation, I learned on Yahoo this week that eggnog is not healthy for you. Not only is it high in cholesterol, but apparently if you have too much, it increases your chances of getting run over by a reindeer. And also, what kind of ass is Grandpa that he wouldn't even walk Grandma home that night. It could have saved us all a lot of heartache. (Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer is popularly s…

Rise of Technology

We can all agree that technology has helped us out in many ways. At least I think most of us would agree. Without technology, I would be writing all of this in a composition book that I keep under my bed. Some people would call that a diary or a journal, but because of technology, I will call it a blog. Thank you technology.

As it goes, I am not going to go on an old man rant here in my journal (I mean blog). I simply am going to present a situation, give my thoughts on it, and hopefully see if people have feedback.

Let me set the scene. We have all seen cars broken down on the side of the road. Many of us have probably been there ourselves. Twenty five years ago, unless you were one of the few that had a cell phone or car phone, a person must wait on the side of the road until someone else stopped to help out or you could walk yourself to a pay phone.

Cell phones and other great marvels of technology have certainly made it a bit easier to call a tow truck or call a friend to …

A December update...

I figured since I was looking to get back into the blog game a little bit, I'd follow up my first post in months (the genius of Craig James) with a little update of what has transpired in my life over the last year.

I'll start in April. I don't know if it was mentioned, but I made a return to the stage. I won't necessarily call it a triumphant return, but it was a return nonetheless. I was lucky enough to act in Alley Repertory Theater's production of The Farnsworth Invention by Aaron Sorkin. It was my first opportunity working with this theater company here in Boise and I must say, it was a joy to be acting again. I've always considered writing my first love, and it still is, but there is a huge part of me that still likes to perform and act when I get the opportunity. Sports were always a huge part of my life growing up and I see acting as that same chance to get up and feel the rush of performing for an audience.

As it turns out, this would be the firs…

Craig James: College Football Analyst?

Dear Mr. James,

You sir, should not be paid to analyze college football. That's plain and simple. To vote a 10-1 Boise State team as 24th in the nation shows a lack of common knowledge about the game you are a so called expert in. To rank the Broncos behind a team with 5 losses and two teams with 4 losses, to put it simply, is not right. I could understand an argument in which you place them between 10 and 15, but in no way are they the 24th ranked team in the nation. You, sir, always speak about "body of work". So, because Houston is undefeated and their best win is against a 6-6 UCLA team, you believe it is fair to rank them in the top ten. Boise State, on the other hand, with a loss against the 19th ranked team and a win at 12th ranked Georgia, barely registers a top 25 vote for you. Your own argument fails to hold any water.

I realize the AP ballot has no effect on the BCS voting, and perhaps BSU has struggled to provide reasons to bust the BCS this year, but…

A Quick Thought...

Was everyone really clamoring for "The Crow" remake?

If what I've just read is to be true, Bradley Cooper will soon be starring in it.

Really, Hollywood, Really?

Or maybe it's time to blame the general movie going audience that keeps flocking to all of these remakes and sequels. Certain movies deserve sequels. That much is true, but have the ideas in Hollywood truly dried up? Everyday I read about a remake or a re-imagining of a movie. There are original ideas out there, but I'm afraid Hollywood has become too much of a business to take risks on them. Even though the losses on these smaller, original movies would be considerably smaller than the big budget movies. Is it worth it to keep making these movies with a 140 million dollar budget that barely crack the 80 million mark? That's truly up to the audience and Hollywood to decide...

In the meantime, please support the indie artists that continue to attempt to put original ideas into the public's …

A Movie!!!

Hey all, I'm taking a minute here to step away from my daily writing routine to talk about an opportunity for you and your friends. And no, I'm not talking about AMWAY...

My buddy Trevor is producing a film this summer. At the moment, he is currently looking to raise a little extra money to produce the film and that's where you, avid reader, come in. Just simply follow the link below and watch the trailer to decide for yourself. Trevor is a very talented filmmaker who grew up in the Boise area and any help would be much appreciated. (Sorry, there is currently a direct linking problem that I can't fix. The website is still good, though, so you'll have to go the old fashioned way.)

You can also check out the movie's website at:

Thank you all in advance. I'll see all on my next blog, in which I will figure out most of the world's problems. As for now, it's Spring Break!


A few thoughts...

"Some parents in California may be happy to kiss Ronald and his Happy Meals goodbye for good. A Washington-based advocacy group said McDonald's baits, exploits, and harms children by offering toys with its kid's meals, according to a lawsuit filed in the state courthouse in San Francisco last year. The Center for Science in the Public Interest sought class-action status on behalf of all of the state's children under 8 years of age who have seen Happy Meal marketing since December 2006."

This was taken from a report on the Yahoo Finance page that was exploring why Ronald McDonald is slowly disappearing from ad campaigns...The preceding paragraph talked about the healthy options available at McDonalds now and how unhealthy the happy meals used to be.

Why I certainly commend McDonalds for turning over a healthier leaf, are you kidding me about the lawsuits? Last I checked, it wasn't the eight year old kids driving themselves to McDonalds. It wasn't the chi…

February (Dot, dot, dot)


And I'm back. I needed to kick start myself into writing mode and somehow my blog crept into my brain.

So here I am.

It has been awhile, hasn't, online diary?

Here's a quick update: I have finished up a third draft of my full length play Solace. I had another reading in December and it went well. I appreciate the people that participated and the feedback that they gave. As it stands now, the play has been submitted to at least three places and I should be hearing back about at least one of those places in the very near future.

I am currently reading "Tropic of Cancer" by Henry Miller and listening to Ben Harper's "Waiting on an Angel" on ye old itunes.

You've been updated.

I set out to say a lot more, but the words did not feel right. I was going to delve deep down into the psyche that is my life, but somehow this medium is all wrong for that. Over the past few years of this blog, I have been on a journey and I have not yet accompl…