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Giving thanks on turkey day

Thankful for so much in 2017, I'd like to take a moment and share this picture of cooked...goose.
This was for my birthday circa 2010. I might be off by a year, one way or the other, but I thought it would be the ideal photo for Thanksgiving. Goose, turkey, whatever. They're all the same, right?
The goose was cooked by my good friend Danny, who as legend has it, simply decided to cook a goose for my birthday so he could announce to the room, "Your goose is cooked."
Delightful, I know.
Sidetracked by a picture of a goose aside, today has been one filled with football, writing, phone calls to loved ones, and a few episodes of Stranger Things 2. It's been packed with excitement and dog sitting. And I haven't even reached the turkey stage of the day this year.
There was no goose this year but my birthday was a few days ago. It was a pretty standard Tuesday in my life, one in which I worked, wrote and was able to catch the latest episode of Smackdown.  Celebratio…

The poetry style of a younger self

The Journey of Now has been around for awhile now. I've been known, from time to time, to share some poetry from another lifetime ago.
I have not tried my hand at any new, sappy poems for years now. I'm not even entirely sure one can call them poems. They are a glimpse into the mind of a forlorn man. A man-child with bigger, romantic ideas of the world who was suffering a broken heart. (See. Sappy.)
Okay. Not all of them were like that, but a majority were. Going back to old writing is always quite the adventure and the learning experience. For example, my early 20's self referred to, in my writing, every female a girl. No matter the age, the word was girl and not woman.
I'm hopeful I have gained new insight and learned more as my life as a writer has (supposedly) progressed. Time will continue to tell. One thing is for certain: I hope I never stop growing and learning.
To keep up with my process--and to stay up-to-date--you can subscribe to my newsletter. I just sent …

Toys, toys, toys! A hall of fame like no other

Everything seems to have a Hall of Fame so why not one for toys as well.
Raggedy Ann is in the hall of fame. The Nerf Ball is not.
If you're like me, you're probably discovering for the first time that a Toy Hall of Fame even exists. A place in which you can find all sorts of classic and novelty toys from your youth? Count me in.
I discovered this fact earlier on Saturday as a result of my weekly jaunt over to the Reno Gazette Journal. Saturday's are normally devoted to reading Chris Murray's weekly 1000 Words column. Little did I know a column on Colin Kaepernick would lead me to a morning reading about toys and their corresponding hall of fame.
This year's inductees: a paper airplane, the Wiffle ball, and the board game CLUE. Three very deserving inductees; ones I'd wager a majority of us played (with) as a child (or even as an adult). Paper airplanes were never quite my forte. Wiffle ball, on the other hand, I had quite the upper hand on and CLUE, well, I m…

No-Shave November: Finding the right style of facial hair when month ends

It’s that time a year again. A time when many men participate in what is the now annual tradition of No-Shave November. Facial hair grows wild and free, all in the good name of raising money and awareness in fighting cancer.
Thirty days pass and many of the participants are left with a tangled mess of hair on their face. Some even have collected what amounts to a gourmet feast of food crumbs in their beard. What now? The first step is to wash your beard more often, if there is indeed that much food in it.
After that’s completed, some men will take the easy way out by shaving off all the hair that adorns their face. Others though? They are simply left staring in the mirror, dreaming of the clean shave they once had.
It’s time to get creative. It’s time to give the grandparents something to talk about at those inevitable family gatherings aside from their reverse mortgage. From baseball player to actor, take advantage of your face full of hair and mold into one of these five styles bas…