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Damn it, Janet!

Everything is always Jumpin' at Janet's... Anyone? Anyone? Are you sure? Okay, so maybe that lame attempt at humor did not work, but at least I'm putting out there. It's a first for me and a first for you, so just sit back, enjoy it, and have a beer.
That's the attitude that the fine people working at Jumpin' Janet's put out there, at least on the occasions I have visited the oasis located at the top of the hill, where 9th street turns into Vista. I use fine in a very loose sense of the word. The waitresses are usually near the higher end of the "hotness" scale, if that matters to you. To me, it doesn't hurt. And everyone I've had the pleasure of being served by at this bar is very cordial, so that of course it a plus.
I really have no specific memories that stand out at this bar. The drinks are cheap and live entertainment is usually provided on Saturday night with a local band. The one time recently I've caught a band ther…

Drinking in the Desert...

Let us all take a trip down memory lane. Take a trip to a simpler time; a place where the only worries were making it to class and making your financial aid last until the next semester. (Okay, there were probably more worries than that, but those were the basic ones, aside from girls and jobs.) My friends, we are going to take a journey to my 22nd birthday at the Cactus.

The Cactus is located downtown on Main Street, right next to the hot spot that is Mac And Charlies. Years ago, in those early twenties, the Cactus was a small bar that for the most part was frequented by sad, old men looking to drink the night away. It could have been easily considered the Jim's Alibi of downtown (see my last post about Jim's Alibi.) A few other groups would pop in and out, but it was a quaint little place to hang your hat if you just wanted to chill out for awhile with your friends and listen to the jukebox for a few hours.

It was here a group of my friends took me for my 22nd birthday. …

Looking for an Alibi

Sometimes when you're dreaming with a broken heart, the perfect place to hang your hat is down at Jim's Alibi. The downtrodden men sit on bar stools staring at empty bottles in their hands and meaningless images that dance across the television screen. Willie Nelson plays on the jukebox and the sound of customers shooting pools fills the lonely ears of the even lonelier men.

Jim's Alibi, or simply the Alibi, is located on Broadway Avenue across the street from the Shopko shopping center. The bar, over the years, has not only been a harbor for the lonely men of the world (heart broken or not), but a small bar where friends can gather and wallow in the misery of their lives. As they say, misery loves company.

Okay, it's not that bad. The place has lightened up over the years. The occasional lonely man still makes his appearance at the bar, but what bar doesn't really have a customer like this. Willie does play fairly often on the jukebox, but the music machine i…