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The Mighty Ducks Conundrum

The Mighty Ducks. A treasured movie of youth. This movie has everything you could ever want. The idea itself was nothing new at the time. An unwilling man is forced to coach a rag tag bunch of misfits (see: THE BAD NEWS BEARS) and in the process learns not only to love these kids but also is able to find his true self. Throw in an evil rival coach, a love interest, and a group of kids quacking at their teacher, how could one not love this movie?

In true Hollywood style, due to the movie's overwhelming success, the public was handed a sequel. D2: The Mighty Ducks. I happened to come across this movie on television last weekend and decided to settle in for a few minutes of classic "Duck" action. What better way to remember a few minutes of my youth, right?
I was wrong. What I got was a few minutes (if not more) of questioning the many plot holes of this movie. Okay, maybe not plot holes, but I suddenly had serious questions that never came up in my youth. It is …