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Fastballs and dingers soaring into the late October night

In October, time on the baseball field -- much like the players -- stands still.  
A cloud of dust from intricately drawn lines and the painted corners of a perfectly framed mitt can make all the difference between a joyous celebration and a hang-your-head defeat.
Rounding the base too far can lead to an embarrassing fall while the scrutiny of an ill-timed pitching change (or lack thereof) can linger in the autumn air for ages.
Or, in the case of game two of the 2017 World Series, the tides of momentum can be changed (or stopped) simply by an umpire stopping the progress of an errant throw. 
Ninety feet can seem like an inch while inch can be a mile. Bunting might no longer be an art form but managing your bullpen certainly is.
Everyone is perfect prior to first pitch, a clean slate with dreams of putting up crooked numbers to wash away the zeroes next to a name.
Perfection for others can last longer, until much-too-early-talk fills up social media, in effect giving umbrage to the ol…

October: College football on display in all its glory

Friday the 13th kicked things off with Clemson's upset loss, but the top-25 in college football felt the scary after effects throughout the weekend. To many fans, pointing to bowl games and the CFB Playoff makes an easy access point in describing their favorite time of the college football season.
Forget that. 
To me, college football is at its finest in the month(s) of October and November. A fact that really kicked into gear from October 12 to October 14 in 2017.
Seven teams in the top-25 suffered losses, including four teams (formerly) ranked in the top-10. There were teams who likely have seen their playoff hopes dashed (Auburn, Washington St.), teams whose chances got incredibly smaller (Washington), teams who likely still have a shot (Clemson), and perhaps a Group of 5 team with hopes of a New Year's bowl game dashed (San Diego St.).
October--for the most part--is when the polls really begin to take shape. Teams are getting into the heart of their conference schedule an…

Finding the right balance between writing and a social life

“I should never be left alone with my mind for too long.”-Libba Bray There was a moment not too long ago I came to the realization I’d been spending too much time alone with my own mind.
I was taking a few minutes away from my daily writing when the epiphany occurred. I had stationed myself in front of the t.v., mindlessly (or so I thought) watching an episode of less-than-stellar show. The show itself is not important. What’s important was the simple fact that on the night in question I found myself talking to the t.v. show. I asked a question of one of the characters on the show and, in a different voice, answered my own question.
I panicked. How long had these conversations with myself been going on? Why were my collectible bobbleheads moved from their shelves and placed in a circle? To my surprise, I hadn’t taken the life-size cardboard cutouts I’d acquired from my days of working at a movie theater out of storage. Finding them in my apartment may have sent my mind into a tailsp…