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Final thoughts for the year of our Lord 2017

The turmoil and divisiveness in this country dominated 2017, but there were a few moments of beauty mixed in
It's not too difficult to find an example of how. Ways in which progress of this nation have been set back can be found daily, mostly from the Twitter account of our president.
There's still a lot going on outside of the political realm. It's important to keep focus on what is happening in the world; to keep fighting the changes that are being implemented; to fight for a better life for friends, family, acquaintances, and strangers who might not have the same inherent rights many of us our born with.
Sometimes, though, a little bit of distraction can be helpful to renew the focus. And that's where the arts, books, and even sports come into play.
Honestly, I did not see as many movies, listen to as much music, explore as much art, or read as many books as I'd hoped to in 2017.
I have remedied that in the latter half of the year in order to make up for the e…

Christmas Letter 2017

Years ago, in this galaxy and not too far away, the release of a new Star Wars movie was usually reserved for the month of May. Outside of the ill-fitted, little-seen Star Wars holiday special, the past three years have changed that.
New movies from the Star Wars galaxy have now turned into a Christmas-time affair, with The Last Jedi being the most recent of these films.
I grew up with the Star Wars universe and accompanying toys. Hours were spent playing with the toys, whether in my room or my grandpa's backyard. From Luke Skywalker to Jawas, these figures spent a fair amount of time buried in dirt and thrown into the grass. Many a weapon was lost this way, maybe even a head or two, and I like to believe a lost figure is buried in a yard in Bishop, California.
I still own a fair amount of toys from the original trilogy. Sure, the figures have no weapons or helmets and parts are missing on the Millennium Falcon, but I'm proud to say I still own them. 
Over the years, I have p…

Saturday nights in the winter abyss

Next week will be the 2017 edition of the Christmas newsletter. This week I do a little free writing. And tomorrow, to steal from 'Spaceballs', bingo.
Saturday nights sure aren't what they used to be.
Weekend nights used to be spent at the bars. A Friday thru Sunday punishment to the brain and dulling of the senses. Wake up Saturday morning with a hangover? No worries. Saturday night would arrive soon enough.
..I'm watching the San Diego Los Angeles Chargers currently lose to the Kansas City Chiefs, drinking the first of what will probably only be two beers on that night. (They are tall cans so I guess that's something.) Even if there wasn't a football game on, I might very well still be staying in for the night.
I kind of like it.
I've been a bit of a recluse over the past few years. The nights of bar hopping -- for the most part -- are behind me. Those night hold wonder and fantastic memories, but I'm much more focused these days. And I'd l…

Monologues for Christmas and winter

Every once in awhile, I like to drop monologues onto 'The Journey of Now' blog. The following were written roughly three years ago and today I sat down to revise them. 
Of Snow Forts and Santa CHRIS The Yule log burns on Channel 11. The Christmas presents are wrapped and I finally sit down to enjoy a glass of ice cold eggnog. The snow has been falling for hours, there must be at least six inches of it out there, and the sky shows no signs of letting up.
The yule burning behind me, I stare out the window and watch the snow gently fall in the night. The city is silent. No traffic whatsoever. The street lights illuminate the freshly fallen snow. I know it’s late, I know its cold, but all I want to do is go outside and build a snow fort. Or maybe build a couple of snowmen. Snow women? Snow people? Whatever they are, all I want to do is go out into the snow and do something to recapture my youth.
I still can’t get to sleep on Christmas Eve. That excitement I had as a child on…

Five Christmas television episodes from the 90's

This post originally appeared on a different website, one that switched formats and removed it. Here it is on my own blog, to live now and forever. (Plus some minor changes, updates).
The holidays are upon us and that means many television shows tend to channel their energy towards one thing: holiday themed episodes.
In the tradition of today’s age of lists and nostalgia, here is a list of Christmas themed episodes of television shows from the 90’s that should be witnessed by all, whether it be for the first time or 20th time. *Warning: Possible SPOILER ALERTS ahead.
5. Buffy the Vampire Slayer Amends (12/15/98) In the true holiday nature of television shows that lean towards the dramatic side, this Christmas episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer tugs at the heart strings.
Christmas in it’s physical form is not the focus of this episode. Instead, it deals with pretty frequent Christmas themes of forgiveness, regret, and letting go of the past.
The main plot revolves around Angel (David …