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You've got updates...

For nearly a month, tumbleweeds have blown through these hallowed pages. Okay, maybe they're not so hallowed, but they do appear to be pages nonetheless. Who's to say if the blogs will come forth in high propensity again, but we shall see. It is my hopes they do, but for the mean time, let's see what's happening in my life, and more importantly, in pop culture.

My beloved car Challenger 2 was sent to the car graveyard roughly a month ago. She was just short of being with me for four years. It seems a lady ran a red light and choose my car as a perfect target. I have been searching for nearly month (one reason for the lack of blogs) and have found a nice little car for myself. Due to a lack of originality in naming cars, she shall be christened Challenger 3. It's much like the third Fast and the Furious Movie. Both the movie and name are pointless, because Paul Walker is not involved.

As for my writing, I have submitted a monologue to a theatre in Iowa for a …