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In the Spotlight: Olyphant, Corrigan, and Katt

Out there in the entertainment world, lost among the stars that are Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Matt Damon, and Ben Affleck, there exists a trio of actors that reside somewhat anonymously in the upper echelon of acting. Three actors you might recognize at first glance, but can't seem to place their name. Three actors that make almost every project they take part in, good or bad, that much better.
I'm speaking about Timothy Olyphant, Kevin Corrigan, and Nicky Katt.
These three men have been favorites of mine for a long time. Each has been in the business for 20 years or more and have not often been given their dues. While Olyphant has been in the forefront more in recent years due to the critical success of Justified, the three men have managed to do outstanding work while remaining out of the spotlight.
Today, I shine that spotlight on them, taking a brief glimpse into their illustrious careers.
Timothy Olyphant
"Is the juice worth the squeeze?"
This question is pose…

The April Effect

Sitting here, pouring through the literally hundreds of topics I could easily discuss this week, I began to ponder my own contributions to the writing world.
Am I another writer simply rehashing stories that pour into the internet every day? Should I start writing poorly constructed, badly worded click bait articles?
Should I start writing false stories that people believe without giving a second thought as to the source? If it's on the internet, it must be true.
What is the purpose of this blog, now almost eight years in the making?
It all started with a post on Kurt Rambis, moved onto a review of a performance of The Sunshine Boys from the fine people over at Boise Little Theater and later jumped into a series of posts exploring the various bars of Boise. Most had stories associated with that bar, some of the places have closed and I, like them, moved on. (To see some of the bar posts, those are housed in the year 2009 on the navigation sidebar.)
Over the years, I have written …

The Mamba's Last Mambo

The farewell game of the Kobe Bryant farewell tour has started off in similar fashion to the entire 2015-16 Los Angeles Lakers season.
Four minutes into the game, the Lakers trail 6-0 and Bryant is 0-4. Not exactly how I'm guessing Bryant pictured his swan song going.
On a night when the Golden State Warriors are going for record-breaking win number 73, Bryant, Black Mamba himself, is going quietly into the dark night on what is, as of this writing, a 16-win team that has had its fair share of drama this season. 
Capping a 20-year career, hobbling towards the finish line, is not how any player imagines themselves leaving the game. Winning the championship on a game-winning shot is the way a player wants to walk off the court. It's the way it is dreamed from the early days of picking up a basketball and shooting hoops in your driveway. It's late at night, the cold air is setting in and you want to make one more before calling it a night. Only seconds to go. Down by…

Films that rewrite history to fit their plot

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Movies have the the ability to take a viewer to another realm, one that is sometimes far away from the struggles and worries of day-to-day life. For roughly 120 minutes, these fictional events of action, comedy, horror, romance, and even drama can whisk the imagination into a frenzy.
Sometimes a filmmaker or writer will go even further in creating their world. These filmmakers will take real life historical events and, in order to move the plot forward in their fictional world, will re-write the events surrounding a real life, historical occurrence.
I’m not speaking of movies such as Argo, Selma or Schindler’s List. These are dramatized, fairly accurate depictions of historical events. While some liberties might be taken in films such as these, history, for the most part, is on their side. Even Titanic, for all the flak it’s taken over the years for mixing history and fiction and for making Billy Zane’s character “evil for the sake of evil”, still keeps…