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NCAA men's college basketball: Prepping for March Madness

We are only a few weeks away from the start of the madness of men's college basketball and the NCAA tournament. In true fashion, the top of the deck is starting to form. There's been a lot of talk about how Zion Williamson and the Duke Blue Devils should be a clear number one seed heading into the 2019 NCAA tournament.
I don't buy it. And no, it's not because the Blue Devils lost the other night to the North Carolina Tar Heels and nearly lost their star player in the process. Zion Williamson's Nikes explode 😱 — TOM MARTIN (@TomKCTV5) February 21, 2019 It's true the Blue Devils looked a lot less invincible without their star player and presumed number one pick in this summer's NBA draft. As good as they are -- with a team full of talented players -- Duke wasn't as unbeatable as some made them out to be.
Many have given the title to Duke already. They still may very well win it, but there are other top teams to consider. The B…

NBA: Priority of 'load management' vs priority of the fans

Load management has become in chic in the NBA the last few years, with star players getting night's off to simply rest. Imagine, if you will, that in the following video, my viewpoint relates loosely to the words of Joey (Rossie Harris). And the opposing viewpoint relates to the words of the immortal Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. And even if the correlation doesn't ring true, at least enjoy the clip of Airplane!

Today's NBA, while highly entertaining, has a simple flaw that occasionally frustrates fans. Tanking is certainly a big problem (ask current fans of the New York Knicks) and creating super teams is something on the radar of fans as well. But it is stars sitting out games for the simple fact of rest that can be irksome. (Rest, or load management, as the Los Angeles Lakers labeled the reason why LeBron James sat out a game against the Golden State Warriors.)
In this instance of James sitting out -- in a marquee Saturday night matchup against the Golden State Warriors -- I so…