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Sunlight Serenity

The six inch waves crash mildly onto the muddied shore. The sun is beating down, but solemn enough as to not sear the flesh. A boat revs its motor in the distance, ready to launch it's maiden voyage of the season. The sky is blue; dotted with picturesque clouds. The clouds are the ones that you only dream about or see in movies or art. With only a slight breeze blowing at your back, these are the days you want to hold onto. No worries in the world. Only you, your thoughts, and a fishing pole.

The makeshift barricade that you made from rocks, logs, and sticks are holding the pole in place. On a day when the fish aren't jumping, you have very little fear of the pole abandoning the beach and floating away.

The city is only minutes away, but it seems like an eternity. If only this moment could be taken with you forever. The calmness of the birds singing, the sound of crashing water, and the swimmers doing the crawl stroke in the lake. Okay, not the last part, but every…