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Christmas 2015

As I sit here watching The Santa Clause for the 47th time, I decided it was time to finally write this Christmas letter I promised in the last blog post.
You may ask why I'm watching this movie yet again and the answer is simple: I have a soft spot in my heart for Christmas movies. That's why I've watched part of most of the "follow-the-same-formula" Christmas movies that the Hallmark Channel produces. That's why I even watched the Doogie Howser, M.D.Christmas episode on Hulu. Or why I even wrote a list of my favorite Christmas episodes from 90's television. And it's even why I watched this classic recently:

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Watching Christmas films is all part of my Christmas tradition, as I'm sure it is many of yours. No matter how many times I've seen a film, I always attempt to watch it again every Christmas. Sometimes I fail, yes, but I always make sure to watch Love Actually (for the hopeless romantic in me), Bad Santa (for t…

Elfin' Around

Greetings. I'm not sure why I gave this post that title, but I did. Deal with it.

Been writing on this blog a bit less because I've been getting some articles posted around the web. I do plan on getting back to posting here at the minimum of at least once a week. I've come this far no need to give up on it now.

For an example, here are a few places I've been published. As you can see, it is content similar to posts you'd find right here. Stay tuned in the coming week for my annual "State of Christmas and Jason" address.

Here are five of my favorite Christmas themed episodes from 90's television.

And here are ten of my favorite indie films that can be found on Netflix.

Until next time, friends.

The WWE and its (Supposed) Downfall

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A bi-annual look at the state of the WWE, my guilty pleasure and company that is apparently losing viewers by the handful.
Daniel Bryan. John Cena. Randy Orton. Bautista. CM Punk. AJ Lee. Cesaro. Seth Rollins. These are just a few of the superstars of the WWE that have been significantly injured, on hiatus, or simply left the company over the past few years. Some tie the loss of these big names directly to the significant drop in ratings for the WWE's flagship program, RAW.
These critics, fans, and experts might be right. Perhaps the lack of these big names are turning viewers away from RAW. The lack of a true superstar giving the casual fans a reason to tune in every week, if only for a few minutes, is hurting viewership.
Or maybe, just maybe, the company and its creative team is currently in a lull. A lull that finds them often writing story lines into any direction they deem fit and keeping exciting wrestlers that fans want to see out of the m…

Welcome to 37

Saturday. Unseasonably warm for the middle of the November. One week away from my 37th birthday. I should be out, doing something productive. Nope. Wrong answer.

Instead, I am furiously looking over clues to help me find a missing 'M' which could lead to $5000. I could be out physically searching, like many others, but am instead waiting for them to comb over an area while I think outside the box. Ultimately, the money will be found in that area and I will kick myself for not making the effort to go drive around and waste a Saturday afternoon.

I suppose I'm wasting a Saturday afternoon even by sitting here. Figured I'd get the mind going and at least throw a quick update onto ye olde blog.

Freelance Writing This aspect of my writing career has picked up in recent months. I have been lucky enough to have been published on various websites, including here, here, and here.

These are in addition to my continued contributions to Bronco Nation News and Chowder & Champi…

Of Dollar Stores and Ham

Last March, I submitted the following story to the people over at Chicken Soup for the Soul. They were looking for stories for the next Christmas edition in their line of books.
With the book now out in stores (and never hearing back from them), I am operating under the assumption my story wasn't selected. That is why I'm posting it now.
The following took place when I lived in Los Angeles. Names haven't been used in this story in order to protect the innocent (and the guilty).
Of Dollar Stores and Ham
The smell of honey baked ham cooking in the oven filled the entire two-bedroom apartment with its enticing aroma. The ham was the prize of that Christmas, or so I thought, and I listened intently as the juices of the ham sizzled in the scoring heat of the oven. I had never cooked a ham before but I had decided it was the least I could do for my friends. Judging by the salivating looks on their faces, they were ready to judge my cooking skills. Christmas or not, they would let m…

Meet Philip Rivers, this Generation's Dan Marino

There is a man out there, buried beneath the headliners of Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, and Peyton Manning, that is quietly putting together a Hall of Fame career. A man that is often not even mentioned in the same breath as the aforementioned Pro Bowl quarterbacks that receive most of the accolades.
This man is not as flashy as most quarterbacks, though he is probably the most passionate and loudest of them all. He does not physically have any Super Bowl rings but if Super Bowls were measured by heart, he'd have a handful of them.
Say hello to Philip Rivers, quarterback of the San Diego Chargers and this generation's Dan Marino.
Now in his tenth season as starting quarterback for the Chargers, Rivers is once again re-writing record books. He is coming off a 503-yard performance last weekend, throwing 43 completions in a 27-20 loss against the Green Bay Packers. All of this despite playing behind a makeshift offensive line, no running game to speak of and without wide receivers

10 Roles of Tom Hanks You May Have Forgotten Existed

Tom Hanks has had an illustrious Hollywood career that has spanned over 35 years. Known for his roles in Forrest Gump, Big, and Saving Private Ryan and voicing "Woody" in the Toy Story movies, Hanks has appeared in over 70 projects and has twice won an Academy Award for Best Actor.
With his new film Bridge of Spies now showing in theaters, let's take a look at ten screen projects that Hanks acted in over the years that may have slipped the minds of fans. These roles and films may be lesser known but Hanks' work in them is certainly not under appreciated.

Elvis has Left the Building (2004)
A movie with Kim Basinger and Tom Hanks? Really? How did such a flick slip so quietly under the radar? Probably because Hanks simply made a cameo appearance in this 2004 film directed by Joel Zwick.
The premise of this film is pretty straight forward. A fugitive (Basinger) goes on the run in order to avoid being captured for the murder of several Elvis impersonators. Of course,  roman…

World Series Prediction: Anyone but the Cardinals

The 2015 baseball playoffs are in full swing. Unlike most pundits and fans, I have opted to make my selections for the World Series after the playoffs have already started.

This may seem a bit like cheating since the American League has already played two games in each Division Series and the National League has already played one. The fact is, it's not cheating. I simply ran out of time to get this done last week.

No of this changes the fact that my wish for the World Series hasn't changed. I'll enjoy this year's championship as long as it doesn't involve the St. Louis Cardinals.

The Cardinals finished this year with a record of 100-62. I believe they have been in the playoffs every year since 1892. No need to fact check that. It's a little known stat you won't find in the record books. The Cardinals have been in the playoffs so many times that they are automatically awarded the NL Central title on the first day of the season. That's how consistent th…

For the Love of Books

I love to read. Whether it's an article on the internet, the Boise Weekly, or a good book in my hands, I consider myself someone who devours information and knowledge.
Over the past year or so, I found myself reading books at a furious pace, attempting to make up for the last 15 years in which I maybe averaged two books a year. My collection of books, actual, physical books, has grown and I find there is nothing like ending the night with a book in my hands, flipping through the pages to see where the story or biography leads to next.
The digital age has brought forth avenues into which books are just a click away. Devices such as the Kindle and the Nook have given readers one more avenue in which they can enjoy their favorite stories. So much, in fact, that it was believed that these devices would make the physical book a relic from the dinosaur age.
Seems the books aren't ready to give up just yet.
In this article from the New York Times, it is being reported that e-book sa…

5 Free Agents Worth Signing Other than Tim Tebow

Tony Romo. Jay Cutler. Drew Brees.
NFL quarterbacks are racking up the injuries through the first two weeks of the 2015 season. Some will miss multiple games, as with the case of Romo and Cutler. Others, such as Derek Carr, already missed parts of games due to various ailments.
This is nothing new in today's fast-paced, hard-hitting NFL. Injuries to star players are becoming more and more common place in recent seasons. As we see, quarterbacks are not exempt from this list. In some cases, they even have a higher risk in receiving a devastating hit, leaving a team scrambling to find a replacement. When this occurs, fans immediately begin to clamor for one man: Tim Tebow.
Fans from Dallas and Chicago are no different. Placing the success of the franchises on the shoulders of Brandon Weeden and Jimmy Clausen are not sitting well with fans. The Cowboys seemingly solved their backup quarterback situation by trading for Matt Cassel. (Sorry Kellen Moore. Maybe one day you'll get that …