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Marching on in March

Finding a job.

The battle to find that job that you know will keep you satisfied all while staring at the bank account thinking "maybe I should just apply at Del Taco. They have a 'now hiring' message on their marquee."

Just over nine months ago, I quit my very stable job to concentrate on writing full time. A risky endeavor, yes, but one that needed to be done in order to keep my sanity by perhaps finding a job more closely related to my love of writing.

I have had accomplishments over the last nine months. For that, I am thankful. I only hope to continue to expand on these accomplishments and opportunities I've received.

That bank account, though. That's the glaring harbinger of life that continually follows me around. One needs to have money to survive; to have shelter and food.

That's why the job hunt continues. To find that balance of what I love to do and what I need to do. In time, those things will coincide with one another. That's the ultimate…

Stray Observations of Pop Culture Favorites

Reading my Archie Digest (Betty and Veronica, No. 120, 2004) on Sunday morning (yep, you read that correctly), I discovered something very interesting. Something that will change entire viewpoints on a beloved television show from the late 90's/early 00's. Something that might make your head spin or might make you say "I already knew that."  Here it is: Characters from That '70s Show were based off characters from the Archie Comics.

Here's how it began: The premise in this story was that Veronica, deciding it was time to test Archie's loyalty, went ahead and blackened a few of her teeth, thus creating the illusion that she was toothless.  She was testing Archie to see if he still loved her even if her beauty was gone. A classic storytelling point if there ever was one.

This got me thinking and I realized I'd just seen this on an episode of That '70s Show.  Jackie (Mila Kunis) was testing Kelso (Ashton Kutcher) to see how deep his love for her went…