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I am saving the Orland Bloom vs. Justin Bieber celebrity death match for a later time.  Mostly because I haven't written it yet.  Instead, you get this thing here that might be considered poetry.  I consider it part of a free writing session I did earlier today.

Moments.  Those brief, tiny moments of time that provided light.

Frozen in the dark abyss that is a memory. 
Many moments.  Many memories. 
The bottle of wine is nearly empty. 
Save for that last memory of a silhouette in the morning
there is nothing left.

lost within the soul
Swallowed whole
vomited into the atmosphere.

The days go by
Blended together like the last margarita of the night. 
Striving for something more,
haunted by the dreams of a broken mirror of the past. 
Look into the mirror. 
A fractured reflection of what might have been.

whisked away in the night. 
A beginning.

A brief glimpse into what…

Updating in July

There is something that has been weighing on my mind over the last month.  I've done an inordinate amount of research and pondered over this question for countless hours.  My query is this: Why did Ross and Rachel name their baby Emma?  I mean, Ross almost married a woman named Emily.  Those two names are too similar to me.  The entire Ross/Emily/Rachel situation caused a lot of tension.  Why name your child with a name that closely resembles this love from your past?  Bad call, Ross and Rachel.  Bad call...

With that being said, I am here today to provide a few updates on my writing projects and such.

My two full length plays, Solace and Poison, have been submitted to various places across the country.  Still waiting for that first bite for a reading and/or production.  (Or I guess second bite.  Both have had readings in Boise at Alley Rep Theater.)

I have written a ten minute play entitled Visions of a Hamburger.  The story tells of two homeless men and their attempts to survive…

Passion Overfloweth

Where did it all start?  That's probably the first question you'll ask.  I'll tell you.  The Boston Red Sox broke my heart for the first time in 1986.  I was just shy of my eighth birthday.  Being of the impressionable age of when sports allegiances are formed, I liked Boston because they had a good team.  They had Roger Clemens.  They had Wade Boggs.  There was Dave Henderson, Dwight Evans, and Marty Barrett.  Okay, I suppose you get the point.  (Spike Owen, Bill Buckner, Rich Gedman, Jim Rice.  That's an entire starting lineup.  Don't mean to brag, but I just did that all from memory.  Somebody fact check me on this please.)  I respected that team.  I celebrated with them when they beat the California (now Anaheim) Angels and I cried with them when Bill Buckner made that error.  Then I cried even more when Game 7 rolled around and the World Series was lost.  Thus began the journey of my passion for the Boston Red Sox.

Now, I've chronicled my love of the Bosto…

The Dragon Princess

It all started somewhere around the sixth grade.  That was when I embarked on writing a short story called Journeys and Wars.  I call it a short story now, but at the time I believed I was writing a novel.  A few years later, I decided to write a sequel to this first story.  It was to be called War of the Lands and would, by the end of high school, be a two book series that between both books totaled roughly 100 pages.  Boy, did I sure know a lot about how long a novel should be.  A binder soon began to be filled with maps, re-writes, chapters written on flyers, notes on napkins, and various other ideas from the years after school.  Soon, an actual novel began to take shape.

Nearly twenty years after graduating high school, I have finally decided to self publish what was formerly called War of the Lands.  That book is now called The Dragon Princess and is now closer to a respectable 300 pages long.  Though it still could use the look of a professional editor (thanks to Danny Cerullo f…

The Potato Salad Incident

Today's blog post was supposed to be about potato salad.  I had written some early drafts about this Kickstarter campaign to raise money for a better potato salad that had contributions upwards of $20,000.  I had a little trouble finding an angle on this post because I'd recently written a blog about Kickstarter and crowd funding in general (  I understand that this current campaign involving a better potato salad may have started out as a joke (which I applaud the kid for), but why have people continued to donate?  Is it partly because they want to be part of something hip and trendy? (Yes)  Aren't there better ways to contribute money, say five dollars to the Veterans or ten dollars to cancer research? (Of course)  Sure, at this point the kid that started the campaign will be using the money to feed the homeless, but that is far from the issue at hand.  I wanted to make a statement on the downfall of society and how the la…

A Revolution Birthday Fact Parade

Happy Birthday, America.  You turn 238 years old today.  You're starting to show your age a bit, but who doesn't after being around for so long?  America has fireworks, apple pie, watermelon, barbeques, and even a hot dog eating contest to honor your birthday.  Yep, America, you have it all.  In honor of your birthday, let's take a look at some facts from the American Revolution and our independence.

After a long day of chopping down Cherry trees and doing General stuff, George Washington only wanted to settle in next to a fire with a mug of whiskey and relax a bit.  Instead, he was forced to listen to his wife Martha read to him from a weekly publication called Keeping up with the Reveres.  This serial indulged the colonies with the inane stories involving the daughters of Paul Revere.  While Paul Revere was famous for his midnight ride, his daughters actually brought no real value to the world.  Yet colonists kept shilling out a gold piece a week to continue to follow th…