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Boise's Burgeoning Film Community

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Hollywood, for right around 100 years now, has been known as the epicenter of the film industry. Each year, thousands of people with dreams to be actors, actresses, writers, directors, producers and hangers-on flock to Los Angeles to hopefully achieve their dreams of stardom. (Or a career. Take your pick.)
Over the years, thanks to advances in technology and rising production costs in the City of Angels--not to mention tax breaks in others states, cities, and territories--the making of television shows and movies has increased tremendously outside the city of Los Angeles.
Take the state of Georgia, for example. Thanks to the success of The Walking Dead and generous tax credits, there has been a boom in the film industry in the state of Georgia. It's a dream that people in many states have in hopes that major productions stop by their beautiful state.
Boise, Idaho hasn't quite reached that level yet, but at the rate things are going, it's …

Of Irrational Fear

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"From early reports, the results clearly show that the people voted in incumbent Mark Townsell, but to the astonishment of many, the electoral college selected James Hatcher as President. Many state's representatives voted for Hatcher, often against what the people wanted." 
Back in the year 1998, about a year out of high school and very early in my writing career, I started a screenplay called Rebellion. I had forgotten about it over the years, but last night's acceptance speech by Donald Trump as the Republican nominee for president had me digging through a box of my old writings to locate this script.
Upon finding it, I discovered I'd handwritten 72 pages--much more than I thought--of bad dialogue and choppy scenes. Pretty much what you'd expect from a 19-year old taking his first real crack at screenwriting.
The story is about a rich man that basically buys the presidency. He want to insure that the country will be great agai…

July is Burning

Two years.
It was a little over two years ago I decided to quit my full-time, comfortable job within the banking industry. I had saved up enough money, was pretty miserable, and decided it was time to pursue writing with full on gusto.
I lasted 15 months before I was back in the work field.
Nine months later, here in the present day, I once again I have a full-time day job, but my pursuit of  a life as a writer continues.
I did not go back to the banking industry. Despite the friends I made during my seven years with the bank, I do not miss the day-to-day grind. As the years wore on there, I felt my drive to be a writer waning and needed to get out.
Though I am back in day job world, I am still finding time to write. Much of that occurs after ten hour days at work and coming in to put in another 2-3 of writing. Days off are spent writing, fine tuning pitches, polishing up websites, and sending in submissions. It is a grind, yes, and certain sacrifices have been made in regards to a p…

Enough Now. Enough.

No sports post this week. No pop culture.

The corroding of a falling nation is on the mind.

The vitriol spewed online on a daily basis is spilling over into the day-to-day actions of real life. Opinions are fine. It is disregard for fellow man that leaves common sense at a loss.


The divisiveness of this country is ripping her great skirt at the seams. We are turning into an angry nation, slowly turning into one living every day in fear (for many, more so than they already had by being judged for the color of their skin or their religion).

Baton Rouge. St. Paul.

The progress of so many is being being delayed by the stubbornness of so few. It's sad.

Two black men this week had their lives ripped from them by cops simply because of their race. It's an all too familiar occurrence. And it's wrong.

Orlando. Charleston. Ferguson.

There are people dead because of race, religion and sexual orientation. And it's wrong.

And it's wrong that five police officers had to …

A 2016 Peek into the United States Men's National Team

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In 1916, despite playing organized soccer for just over 30 years, the men's national team played it's first international match under the guidance of the United States soccer organization.
Fourteen years later, the USMNT had its best World Cup finish, placing third. The future looked bright for the upstart men's soccer team. A future that the organization firmly believed would bring in a World Cup title in no time at all.
86 years later, fans of the men's national team fans are still waiting for a finish as high as that glorious year, let alone even sniffing that elusive title. (Fans of the USWNT don't have to say the same. They have numerous titles.) 
The summer of 2016 has had a World Cup feel to it for soccer fans. Euro 2016 is tantalizingly close to securing its final four (Portugal is already through. Wales--led by the mighty Gareth Bale--joined them with an upset win over Belgium today.)
Meanwhile, Copa America ended about a week a…