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The Cleveland Browns

I am not a fan of the Cleveland Browns. I will say that up front. I don't hate the team, as I do others within the NFL (see: Broncos, Denver or Cutler, Jay), but I'm not exactly a fan of the team. I know of their history, their downtrodden lore, and their seemingly bad luck. So, as I was perusing the internet this morning, I decided to pay a visit to their employment opportunities page. They had one listed: Vice President of Stadium Operations. To my surprise, they did not have listed the one position I know for a fact is currently open: Head Coach. So now, since I am unable to fill out a proper application on their website, I give to you my application for Head Coach of the Cleveland Browns.
Dear Mr. Lombardi and Mr. Haslam
Good day, sirs. My name is Jason Haskins and I am writing to you today to officially announce that I am interested in your currently vacant job position of Head Coach. Though my experience is non-existent, I do believe with one year I can help t…